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潘蔚曾是旅遊衛視的主持人,嫁給孫楠後,她辭職在家照顧4個孩子。孩子的教育問題一直讓夫妻倆頭疼,二女兒上國際學校,開始厭學、愛玩遊戲,兒子遇事喜歡抱怨,不願承擔。3年前,他們從北京搬到徐州,把孩子們送去念傳統文化學校,一家人住在100平米的出租屋裏,每月租金700塊。潘蔚把這3年的生活,寫進了新書《素心映照》。#教育 #傳統文化 #生活

Pan Wei, a former hostess of the Travel Channel, resigned to focus on family and kids after married to singer Sun Nan. Children’s education had long been a trouble to the couple. Their second daughter was tired of school and became obsessed with games; their son complained a lot and was unwilling to take responsibility. 3 years ago, therefore, they moved from Beijing to Xuzhou, living in a 100-m2 house with monthly rent of 700 yuan. They send the kids to a school focusing on traditional Chinese culture. Pan Wei records their life in the past 3 years into her new book Su Xin Ying Zhao.
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一對明星夫妻,搬去三線小城租房住,月租700塊 Celebrity Couple Move to a Rented House in a Small City and Pay 700 yuan Monthly
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