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台灣姑娘謝采倪,本是互聯網公司的設計師。26歲時,她確診癌症,被迫辭職,又因為化療掉光頭髮,在街上被卡車司機嘲笑是人妖。不滿社會對病友的歧視,她把得病後的心情寫成饒舌歌曲,激勵了上萬名醫護人員、病友和健康的人。#癌症 #饒舌歌曲

Taiwan girl Xie Caini was a designer working for an internet company. At the age of 26, she was diagnosed with cancer, and was forced to resign. Then she lost her hair to chemotherapy, and was laughed at by a truck driver in the street as a pervert. Disgruntled by the society's discrimination against cancer patients, she wrote rap songs about how she felt about having cancer. Her songs inspired tens of thousands of health care workers, patients and even healthy people.
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我生病,我驕傲 I'm Proud of Having Cancer
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