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在崇尚斷捨離的日本,有一棟很特殊的房子,位於大阪郊區。屋主上原太太希望家裡不要有門,不要有獨立房間,能讓自己和家裡所有物品住在一起,時刻感覺到家人的存在。於是建築師島田洋將7米高的房子,隔出13層,錯落有致。主人根據每層面積來決定它的功能,整個家只有廁所才有門。#建築 #室內

In Japan where Danshari, or minimalism, is extremely popular, there’s a special house located in the suburb of Osaka with no door and private room. The wife wants to live with all the objects visible in the house and feel the presence of her family all the time. So the architect divides the 7-meter-high house into 13 open floors. The function of each floor is decided by its size and only the washroom has a door.
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我們全家都不喜歡斷捨離 All My Family Don’t Like Minimalism
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