Please Stop Making Life Hacks

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Please Stop Making Life Hacks
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  • Drew, what are you doing? Uh nothing. Oh hey babe, it's just you. Look, I'm testing out my new life hack.
  • You know how I always come home, and my hands are full so I can't unlock the door.
  • Now I don't even have to set anything down cuz my key is on my face. Check it out.
  • A little tricky.
  • Almost got it though.
  • Okay, so you know how I always forget to water our plants
  • because of my whole severe childhood brain injury?
  • Yeah, well now I don't have to remember cuz check this out
  • I put the plants in the sink with the water always running and that way-
  • Great going babe, now they're gonna die
  • Ugh, do you know how it's such a pain in the ass to come all the way over here just to turn a light on?
  • Well, that's why I invented this, check it out.
  • I call it the Electricity Toggle™
  • Electricity Toggle™?
  • NO I-
  • I forgot my password.
  • That was close. Almost had it that time.
  • Almost had it that time.
  • *drew reflecting on his life choices*
  • Hey babe, uh, you know how I'm always spilling coffee on myself?
  • Yeah, well now you don't have to. Check it out.
  • No stains!
  • I guess my prized life hack is now obsolete
  • See look I attached the tape measure to the toaster
  • so we'd always know how long the toaster is.
  • Ever since I was 12, you just point your camera at something and it tells you how long it is.
  • Kind of makes me regret how much money I spent on tape measurers.
  • So close babe, I can feel it
  • Fine. You know, you have no respects for my life hacks
  • It's the wrong key
  • babe wait
  • Babe, if you leave then how did we get all those other shots?
  • Eh true
  • Yeah, that's what I thought. Hey, I'm gonna go in through the window.
  • Hey guy, welcome back to no!
  • Today we're gonna be talking about life hacks.
  • It's been a while, since I've attempted to tackle these online monstrosities
  • It's been about nine months, actually, and the main reason for the long break
  • was simply with all the dumbass life hacks I've seen in my life
  • I thought I had simply seen the worst of the worst
  • I thought I had seen it all and there's no way that I could ever see anything worse
  • And then I saw this
  • No!
  • Stop that! You stop that right now young man. Nobody asked for this, it's just stupid
  • Who thought this would be a good idea?
  • No, no
  • What the fuck?
  • Just crack that egg normally
  • And that's when I knew it was time for me to come out of retirement
  • As the unofficial YouTube life hack narc and crack down on this bullshit
  • The same way that this guy cracked an egg all over his hands
  • It's time to stop making life hacks, please for the love of God
  • I'm begging you. But first, today's video sponsored by SeatGeek. It's a app!
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  • $20 off your first purchase by using promo code: DREW No pressure or anything, but all the cool kids doing it
  • So to recap, link in description, promo code DREW. It's a app. Now back to what I was doing
  • Uh huh
  • Ok
  • Yeah alright
  • Yeah, I don't think that actually happened. I'm gonna say no
  • Crazy is the exact right word for that cause that's probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life
  • This one's actually pretty cool
  • You can take any regular bottle at all and turn it into a squeeze bottle,
  • which makes squeezing out things like mustard, super convenient
  • So first things first, you gonna want to take your mustard and go ahead and squeeze it all ... out
  • Wait a minute
  • Perfect circle? It looks like shit. Yeah, I'm not even gonna watch this one
  • Damnit kids. You left your toys all over the place. Now I have to individually pick them up one by one.
  • Wait a second
  • I have a snow shovel. Now, I can scoop them up in larger quantities.
  • Don't let this happen, alright look very carefully at this and make sure this doesn't happen
  • Okay, if you set your valuables out in the open on your towel and then walk away within three seconds
  • Someone's gonna come up and steal them. Don't let this happen guys. Here's what you should do,
  • First things first, you're gonna need a diaper
  • Wait, what? Then you put chocolate in the diaper. It will melt looks like poopoo and then
  • No one's gonna want to steal that, because it looks like a poopy diaper
  • You know as ridiculous as that is, that might actually be the most helpful life hack we've watched so far.
  • I love this
  • I love this so much. I love it!
  • What is it with life hack channels and eggs? Like they seem so obsessed with repurposing eggs
  • In as many ways as possible
  • Just use it as an egg. Oh, now it's a strawberry
  • Okay. So this life hack is if you plant seeds and then water them and nourish them
  • And the way that you would with seeds
  • It will grow into the thing that the seed came from. That's not a life hack. That's just science
  • This channel just discovered plants
  • This whole video is them just planting different fruits and saying how if you put them in soil and water them
  • And leave them in sunlight for a couple weeks. They'll grow into something
  • This video would have been really helpful like eight hundred years ago, not so much now
  • One of my favorite things about life hack Instagram accounts are how aggressive the captions are
  • Try this now, don't let this happen, you need to do these. Fine, you don't have to yell at me.
  • I'll try this, let's see what it is. Alright, holding the pants. What's next? What's the solution here?
  • Staple, okay, you're gonna stable the pans and
  • That is it. That's the whole life hack. If you're like me you were probably expecting
  • something else but the whole life hack is that
  • You just staple your pants together, never would have thought of that one myself
  • Alright, now I don't know what this one is, but it's from five minute crafts
  • So we know it's gonna be quick and easy and it has something to do with this Barbie
  • So just keep that in mind, five minute crafts
  • This is going to be very simple and easy and you'll be able to do it yourself.
  • Okay, so, put the hair- oh, that seems like it's gonna take a while. I don't know. You're just doing one by one-
  • Oh, never mind. They're done. Okay, they're done
  • How did the ring even get that dirty in the first place? I assume he just bought it
  • What i- was he doing with it? Hi, here is all of the money I have in exchange for one piece of jewelry
  • Because that's just tradition. For some reason. I'm gonna take this home and take really good care of it
  • Thank you, and then he gets home and like leaves it in ketchup for two months
  • How, how did this happen? Any kids out there watching?
  • I'm gonna need to respectfully ask you guys to look away from the screen at this point
  • As the following hacks are only for adults
  • Wait a minute, what? Hey guys
  • Uughe boobs! Boobs!
  • Get those boobs away from me and she looks like so apologetic at the end
  • Oh, sorry about my boobs guys, but there's a solution if you do all this bullshit
  • Then you can hide your boobs and your friends will accept you for who you are finally
  • Ok I can't even pay attention to what's happening cause the song is so awful
  • Trying to put your cutting board down, but your other cutting board is in the way, open a drawer dumbass
  • now this is actually a pretty cool drawer life hack where they're teaching you how to add a
  • secret compartment within a drawer so you can hide stuff under it,
  • But as much as this looks like a perfect way to hide weed from your parents
  • Do not hide drugs. Hide a surprise gift, hide a secret project, hide your feelings. Don't hide drugs.
  • This is nuts!
  • Man, I want to watch this video so bad and figure out how to make that orange popsicle
  • But I have to respect the rules of No Nut November and save this for December first.
  • Ah, finally. These should be good, these are the best life hacks
  • What the fuck?! Slow down
  • What is happening right now? Here's a good one. I think we've all been in the situation before
  • Um, everyone has a tendency to put on some pounds from time to time
  • And you go to put on some pants that you've had for awhile
  • And they don't fit anymore, but not to worry, five minute crafts has the solution
  • Spray a bunch of water on your pants and and now you'll be able to get them on.
  • Sure your pants are now soaking wet, right in the crotch area, but at least you're wearing them
  • I imagine this woman has been like struggling with her pants for a while and because of it
  • She's running late for work and then she gets to work with wet pants. Employees, listen up
  • All right, this company made way too much money this past quarter
  • Now if anybody has any ideas on how we get that number down, I'm all ears.
  • All right. I actually propose we-
  • So sorry, I'm late guys I ran into a little bit of an issue this morning, not to worry though. It has been resolved
  • Everything okay? Your pants are soaking wet. Huh? Yeah, they are
  • Well guy that's gonna do for today's video, thank you so much for watching it
  • Um, I forgot to film an outro before getting a haircut. So kind of a big continuity error there
  • Anyway, I've got a ton of work to do so, I'm gonna-
  • I'm gonna get back to doing the- doing work and being productive
  • So I will see you guys in the next video. Remember like, subscribe and uh- if you wanna support the channel
  • SeatGeek, thanks again for sponsoring, promo code DREW $20 off, free app and it is a app I checked.
  • It's almost Thanksgiving so remember to be thankful for everything and kiss all of your family on the lips
  • See you next time

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