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just a husband and his computer wife

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Happy New Year, goofy goobers!

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Happy Birthday to the voice of Plankton, Mr. Lawrence!

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*important: the week between Xmas & New Year's*

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20 years of trying to steal the secret formula!

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He went to college, then he went live on stage.
Watch Plankton in the #SpongeBobMusicalLive this Saturday at 7p on Nickelodeon!

Mini Series Plankton

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@ 2:12 is evil genius beautiful #SpongeBobMusicalLive

seriously hilarious cast interviews | SpongeBob Musical: Live On Stage!

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It's Chum Day!

Celebrate the best holiday ever on new SpongeBob episodes, Saturday on Nickelodeon

get festive with nasty chum | SpongeBob

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he went to college (art school?)!

cast draws their characters from memory | SpongeBob

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If you thought your debt was bad, Plankton's is worse. How much? We found out

find out how much debt Plankton is in | SpongeBob

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