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Watch the trailer for the new film about Robbie Robertson and The Band, 'Once Were Brothers'.
Selected cinemas in the USA are screening the film on 21 February, with more countries to follow.
An interview with Peter features in the film.

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Once Were Brothers - PeterGabriel.com

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Real World is partnering with NTS Radio on their Work in Progress Artist Development Programme for 2020.
The 8 artists that NTS Work In Progress will support over the coming year has just been announced >>
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NTS WIP 2020

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Angela Armstrong
Angela Armstrong
Peter Gabriel posted on Jan 17, 2020

The Syria Campaign

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Out today on Real World Records, 'Love' —the latest single from Les Amazones d'Afrique's forthcoming album Amazones Power:

Les Amazones d'Afrique - Love (feat. Mamani Keïta)

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Peter Gabriel posted on Dec 19, 2019

A look back on 2019 at Real World Records - Real World Records

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Today is #HumanRightsDay, a good moment to reflect on the work of WITNESS over this last year, as they continue to create guidance, tools, and solutions that have been shared with millions of people around the world facing similar threats and challenges. Helping individuals tell stories with impact and ensuring the larger systems are more human rights friendly.
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WITNESS: Seeing is Believing - PeterGabriel.com

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Peter continues to support the campaign calling for the release of Leonard Peltier, who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned over 40 years ago.
Letters in support of Leonard can be sent to: Warden, Roy Cheatam-USP Coleman I, 846 NE 54th Terrace Sumpterville, FL 33521, USA.
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Leonard Peltier

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Tickets are now on sale for WOMAD Festival Charlton Park 2020. womad.co.uk/tickets

WOMAD 2020 Tickets on Sale!

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For those of you who deal in Bit rates and kiloHertz, Peter's catalogue is now available in hi-res audio from your preferred service >>
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PG Catalogue in HD - PeterGabriel.com

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Very sad to learn of the loss of a great photographer, Terry O’Neill, some of whose images helped define the Sixties and whom I was lucky enough to work with.
Music, film and fashion photography seems to attract rebellious independent and irreverent personalities. Terry O’Neill was one of those.
He knew how to get the best out of his subjects and his shots and leaves behind some extraordinary...

Terry O'Neill - PeterGabriel.com

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