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From the Tory www. Upwards of 25 grand for a seat at the table...
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People's Bookshop posted on Nov 17, 2019

Sound System: The Political Power of Music

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See the fantastic Maya at Redhills at 6pm tomorrow!

There is no better person to take to task Tory dogwhistles about migrants and refugees.

Tories Destroyed on Migration

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Reminder that we have Maya Goodfellow at Redhills tomorrow talking about how politicians of all parties have manipulated immigration and race as political issues since the 60’s. A must-hear talk.

We’ll be going for a nice walk around Lumiere afterwards!

Maya Goodfellow - Hostile Environment (Author Talk and Q&A)

EVENT - facebook.com
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We open tomorrow at 12 - along with interesting books, we also stock the freebie magazines. At 0p yes, yes ZEROp The Crack is a steal - chock full of interesting stuff to do in the NorthEast and always insightful political comment within.
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For those who a partial to the spoken word, this is happening tonight. Thanks to our friend Tony Gadd for bringing these first class performers to Durham.

Gong Fu Poets present Mike Garry and Toria Garbutt 8pm 8.11.19

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Arch Stanton
Who said this?
'The only benefit of leaving the European Union would be that it would make us recognise that most of our problems are not caused by Brussels but by chronic British short-termism, inadequate management, sloth, low skills, a culture of easy gratification and underinvestment in both human and physical capital and infrastructure.'
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Simon Meacher
'A hidden radical gem in the heart of Durham City, with lots of free stuff, like tea, conversation, music, magazines and they pay their taxes. I call them the anti amazon' - Bernard Sanders, Washington.

Thanks a lot Bern - talking of free stuff, the guys behind the latest Ken Loach film dropped two massive posters for 'Sorry We Missed You' into the shop, we only have space for one, so if...


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People's Bookshop
Matt James Smith
Jaene Davies
This is happening at Ushaw College - can confirm Mike Garry is brilliant. He often works with John Cooper Clarke and Durham folks may well have seen him at Gala Theatre & Cinema a few years back opening for JCC. Have been hearing good things about Toria Garbutt Poet too.

Gong Fu Poets present Mike Garry and Toria Garbutt

EVENT - facebook.com
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