Peach Cobbler | Peach Cobbler Recipe

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Peach Cobbler | Peach Cobbler Recipe
Peach Cobbler | Peach Cobbler Recipe thumb Peach Cobbler | Peach Cobbler Recipe thumb Peach Cobbler | Peach Cobbler Recipe thumb


  • welcome back to my channel smoking and grilling and today we're making a peach
  • cobbler with me A B now listen you guys are gonna follow me
  • you know that I'm trying to bring take the mystery out of cooking you know
  • I mean you know these dishes that we think that we have to go on pay this
  • money for or get somebody at the job to make them or however we do it listen you
  • only need a few ingredients to make a great tasting of peach cobbler hey with
  • that being said you guys you know what we just go ahead and bring right into
  • this video just so you guys can see just how simple this is to me alright let's
  • go okay let's get started first we're going to open up Arkansas sliced peaches
  • which we have a total of four and these can is 15 ounces of piece
  • it's like fifteen point six ounces so after we get our four cans open and we
  • put them into our pot then we're gonna go ahead and head on a white or white
  • granulated sugar now when you see me out in the sugar that was one cup but what I
  • did was I put in half of the contents you know at first like that and then
  • what I do is I stir it up just so that we don't get any clumps you just want to
  • mix it well and then after that then you want to pour the remaining sugar into
  • into your peaches
  • now after you mix all your white sugar and your peaches and the juice together
  • then you come back you know you want to come back with your brown sugar and then
  • the same thing you know what I just do half and half just to ensure that we
  • don't get any clumps and after that the only start adding our spices and here
  • you can see know it got ground cinnamon you know what start off with like one
  • teaspoon and listen after you make this this is up to you you know you can try
  • to make it too how you like it this right here is the combination I like you
  • know it's like the perfect blend of spices and juice and peaches and the
  • cook time is just awesome and then we come back with the ground nutmeg you
  • know one teaspoon and again listen you just want to mix it up and then of
  • course we're gonna put it on the stove here I'm using an induction top I'm
  • gonna go ahead and put this on like a medium I started out on medium and then
  • adjusted my heat down to about 200 degrees so that's somewhere between low
  • and medium so we're just caught it over low to medium heat and then you want to
  • cook it for about fifteen minutes now I take Pam and this is the pan that we
  • will make the peach cobbler in so I take it and I just spray it you want to spray
  • the edges and then you want to spray you know the base this helps the crust keeps
  • it from our sticking and it serves as another purpose also once we get to
  • crust and we get it ready to align it what we do is we put it in there
  • and it makes it easy to spread it to the edges
  • now here you can see once we start using our pie crust you remember I was telling
  • you how easy it is once you spray it this was like the added advantage it
  • makes it easy to like stretch and spread the pie crust along the edges after that
  • and now you can see why we need to because it's only going to cover about
  • three-quarters of it it depends on how big your Pyrex or you your cobbler pan is
  • so here again just opening it up and spraying it out and you'll see what I'm
  • doing is I'm just like spreading it it would have been easier if I just went to
  • win found my rolling pin and just rolled will get out the end it out a little bit
  • and you can increase your surface and then right here you know you just put it
  • in and again you just want to like make sure it comes up to the edges you know
  • he just it's almost like working with play-doh folks you know I mean taking us
  • back to our Kia days but yeah you have and that's how I should live right there
  • now after cooking your peaches which are you know put your sugars and your spices
  • for 15 minutes you know medium medium low heat you go ahead turn them off you
  • know stir them up and now it's time to go ahead and feel that peach cobbler
  • now here's the part where I know your senses should be telling you telling
  • your brain that you're on your way to creating something amazing you know
  • filling your peach cobbler crust you know with this peach cobbler cream and
  • the smell you know is it like I'm telling you talking about overwhelming
  • that's it so now it's time to go ahead and put our lattice time now here we
  • open up the other box with a low two ready-made pie crust
  • go ahead spread it up and then what we're gonna do is listen for me I cut
  • off just the edge just just so I can get a straight line you know because we
  • getting ready to build our latest time and I know I say lattice top so that's
  • more like a basket weave but as you're gonna see right here I just lay them
  • across they I'm on top hit it with that butter and that butter you know combines
  • them and makes them cook together and I'll slide it out listen nobody can tell
  • you cannot tell that you did not you know do the basket we slabs lattice top
  • but you get the same result the same amazing look when we go from there now
  • here you know what I'm doing I'm just choosing which ones I want to use for
  • which side you know it's just a rectangular shape so of course the
  • longer ones you know they listen they're not gonna be completely long enough to
  • go across the ball so I just take them you know I use them like you see and
  • then whatever I have overlapping I just go ahead and tear off the hands and then
  • I'll just repeat that process all the way down to the right you know and if
  • you guys are looking at on as video and I'm coming down
  • go ahead and go across the other listen once we get across doing it the wrong
  • way again you're not going to have all the
  • your strips are not gonna be long enough unless we made it homemade then you can
  • make your pie crust as wide as possible then when you cut your batter strips or
  • the work out right here you'll just see this and I bring I lay them out as far
  • as they go and then I'll just tear off a little
  • piece and remember I have some extra pieces I just add on to it it might look
  • funny right now but once you put it in the oven and halfway they just do baking
  • you know after being brushed with the butter I promise you there's right here
  • as long as gonna tie yourself into these different strip and then cook together
  • and it's just going to be amazing
  • now after you done what you want to do is you want to heat up at least I'm
  • gonna say go ahead and get yourself three tablespoons of butter
  • get yourself a brush and you want to brush all you your pie crusts pops you
  • know me all your strips there it is again as just showing it to you know
  • melt it and all I do is just again I just brush them I brush the edges
  • everywhere that I can see progress our Brussels this is gonna help you cook
  • brown and this and me hey you know what we gonna go ahead and call that it's the
  • magic and after you're done brushing your pie crust everything is exposed you
  • want to put it in the oven 350 degrees for an hour and 15 minutes and then when
  • you're done that's what you should look like right there
  • hey that right there is gonna put that aroma in your house and have everybody
  • running like a hurry up let me cut it where's my ice cream let's get it in
  • all right everybody what you think about that listen I know it has a awesome you
  • know presentation look like something she would buy like it or bakery huh you
  • know very very easy to make you know I mean not a whole lot of ingredients
  • you got a cinnamon nutmeg you're not use some spray pan pan for my other for my
  • pan you know my Pyrex my glass pyrex right here you know I mean that we use
  • the pie crust now listen you visually I'm going ahead and make this you know
  • from scratch but I'm just doing you guys you know what today's you know just how
  • busy we are today you know I mean you looking for something great you know I
  • mean nobody what not gonna get you the business buy this from the store if you
  • ask me this is better than store-bought just say homemade all on it you know
  • what I mean just super easy to make got a whole lot of taste right now my mouth
  • is watering because the only thing I'm thinking about here you know sorry I'm
  • jumping it is French for another you know I mean his suit and boot from the
  • Duda hey what's that being said you know where I want you guys are leave a
  • comment down below if you didn't know I just want you to let me know did you
  • know how simple it was to just make a green peach cobbler
  • hey with that being said if you're new to my channel let me go ahead and
  • welcome you to my channel you know what thank you for watching this video I
  • might ask you guys and just like this video you know share with your friends
  • and tell everybody come check out smoking and grilling with a bee and with
  • that being said you guys happy holidays and I'm out peace

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Peach Cobbler | Peach Cobbler Recipe - Here it is, the long awaited dessert recipe the won the poll, Peach Cobbler. The Peach Cobbler won with 51% of the votes over Apple Pie 11%, Cakes 9%, and Cheese Cake 29%. But guess what? I'm going to make them all, lol. This is my favorite of all sweets so please enjoy because I did lol. This is a very simple to make recipe with HUGE flavor and apperance!


4 cans of Sliced Peaches (15 oz)
1 cup of White Sugar
1 cup of Brown Sugar
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 tsp Nutmeg
3 Tbsp Butet (Melted)


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