Pawn Stars: 7 Fake Items That Were Worth Nothing | History

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May 18, 2019


Pawn Stars: 7 Fake Items That Were Worth Nothing | History
Pawn Stars: 7 Fake Items That Were Worth Nothing | History thumb Pawn Stars: 7 Fake Items That Were Worth Nothing | History thumb Pawn Stars: 7 Fake Items That Were Worth Nothing | History thumb


  • [MUSIC PLAYING] - I wouldn't touch them at all.
  • They look completely fake to me.
  • Does somebody wanna buy a football?
  • COREY: Where in the world did you get this?
  • One of the toughest parts of my job
  • is telling people that their prized
  • family possession is fake.
  • What do we have here?
  • PAINTING SELLER: Well, it's a Claude Monet painting.
  • I'm hoping to walk out with $1 million.
  • Now, was it on exhibit at the Las Vegas Art Museum?
  • PAINTING SELLER: It was, in 1997.
  • PAINTING EXPERT 1: All right.
  • OK.
  • They say early period, which is very vague.
  • I mean, he lived a very long life.
  • RICK: Yeah.
  • PAINTING EXPERT 1: He started painting very
  • early, so what's early period?
  • It doesn't-- it doesn't really tell you a whole lot.
  • I'd like to get a second opinion.
  • Sure, yeah. Give him a call.
  • PAINTING EXPERT 1: OK. OK, I will.
  • If we look on the back of this painting,
  • yeah, what I'm looking at is all indication of who it could be.
  • You will have old oil paint sweating through the canvas.
  • Here, you don't see that.
  • RICK: So is it real?
  • It's in the style of Monet, but it's not-- absolutely not
  • by the hand of Claude Monet.
  • Not real.
  • Not real.
  • Ugh.
  • I got a couple of Scottish blades here.
  • They were handed down from me from my dad, which
  • was handed down to him from his father, so
  • basically my grandfather.
  • OK.
  • First off, I can tell you right off this is a reproduction.
  • - Really? - Yeah.
  • Look at this.
  • This was silver.
  • Silver is the most reflective metal there is.
  • You can see the difference in color in them.
  • When silver oxidizes, it turns black.
  • This one's already turning green.
  • I wouldn't think my grandfather would pick up something
  • that wasn't authentic.
  • RICK: Well, but this one I'm confident is
  • not worth anything.
  • No?
  • That really sucks.
  • PAPER SELLER: Got something for y'all.
  • COREY: What's that?
  • PAPER SELLER: This is a newspaper
  • from the Boston Globe the morning after the Titanic sank.
  • RICK: For a 1912 newspaper, it's in perfect condition.
  • I mean, perfect.
  • I mean, there's no yellowing on the inside papers,
  • which is amazing considering this is, um--
  • COREY: It's a hundred years old.
  • RICK: Yeah.
  • All right.
  • Well, here's my problem.
  • It's fake.
  • Why do you say that?
  • RICK: You see right here?
  • RICK: That's from a copy machine.
  • So when would they have copied it?
  • Probably right after the movie came out.
  • [LAUGHS]
  • PAPER SELLER: Oh, to resell?
  • Yeah.
  • PAPER SELLER: After he opened it up,
  • I really thought, yeah, it was fake,
  • and I probably won't get a second opinion.
  • I guess I'm just gonna go home and soak in my own misery.
  • Oh well.
  • I got a 1967 autographed Chicago Bears football.
  • Da Bears.
  • COREY: You know, here are some of the concerns I have with it.
  • We have absolutely no authentication for the ball.
  • Do you mind if I give a buddy of mine a call?
  • He can kind of appraise it.
  • Sure, that's fine with me.
  • FOOTBALL EXPERT: You really gotta focus
  • on the characteristics of the autograph
  • compared against other ones that have
  • been proven to be authentic.
  • If we compare the Brian Piccolo signature
  • here to the one on the football, primarily
  • in the B, how it forms, and how at the end here,
  • the L and the O dips off, these are
  • contrasting signatures and very typical for what you
  • see in a clubhouse signature.
  • This is very common, and all it really
  • is, somebody knows his signature,
  • and does their best interpretation of it
  • to try to make it look as authentic as possible.
  • FOOTBALL SELLER: I feel pretty let down.
  • I think clubhouse signatures are very deceitful.
  • I'd like to meet the people that do that
  • and give them a piece of my mind.
  • Does somebody wanna buy a football?
  • I have some Wells Fargo belt buckles made by Tiffany.
  • Tiffany would never make a belt
  • buckle then solder the little latch over their logo.
  • Anything associated with Tiffany was done perfectly.
  • This is not perfectly, therefore I know it's not Tiffany's.
  • I never buy anything fake, no matter what.
  • Just having it around the shop is
  • risky because an employee might think it's genuine and sell it.
  • That could turn into a real nightmare.
  • What do we have here?
  • A 1777 French musket.
  • RICK: I have a buddy that knows all about these guys.
  • All of this grime and what looks to be, you know, old rust
  • is artificial patina that was put on by a paint brush
  • and then wiped off.
  • From everything I'm seeing here, this most likely
  • is a movie prop gun.
  • I can't believe this isn't a real gun.
  • This sucks.
  • COREY: What do we got?
  • CARD SELLER: I got five Topps 1967 Pete Rose baseball
  • cards here, mint condition.
  • My concerns are that they're like
  • in almost too-perfect shape, and that you've got five of them.
  • If these cards are fake, then I need to re-evaluate
  • my entire card collection.
  • COREY: This guy's got five Pete Rose cards.
  • I figured I'd let you look at them.
  • So what do you want to know about these?
  • If they're real.
  • No.
  • How do you-- how can you tell that?
  • What do you-- what do you mean?
  • RICK: Because the color's all faded.
  • Everything's a blur, even his face.
  • It doesn't look silkscreened.
  • [INAUDIBLE] printed with an inkjet printer.
  • And the picture looks overexposed.
  • They probably scanned it and reprinted it.
  • It's just not right at all.
  • These things right here, I wouldn't--
  • I wouldn't touch them at all.
  • They look completely fake to me.
  • CARD SELLER: If these cards are fake, then you know,
  • what else is real?
  • Is the wife real?
  • The dog?
  • The cat?
  • You know, what's real?

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These 7 sellers get some bad news when they bring their prized possessions to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in this collection of scenes.
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