Paul Anderson's 402 Pound Overhead Press: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

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Aug 01, 2019


Paul Anderson's 402 Pound Overhead Press: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History
Paul Anderson's 402 Pound Overhead Press: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History thumb Paul Anderson's 402 Pound Overhead Press: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History thumb Paul Anderson's 402 Pound Overhead Press: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History thumb


  • [music playing]
  • We're going to try to replicate
  • Paul Anderson's record-breaking 402 pound overhead press.
  • Paul lifted it from the deck to his chest,
  • and then pressed it overhead.
  • But that takes a good couple of months of training,
  • and we haven't had that training.
  • Paul Anderson cleaned and pressed 402 pounds.
  • What we're going to do is similar,
  • but we're going to do it strongman style.
  • I'm going to start warming up.
  • We took out the cleans, and we're going
  • to attempt the press itself.
  • Because that's actually what Paul Anderson is known for.
  • So it's from the shoulders to overhead.
  • - Yeah. - Aye.
  • Well, look, since we've got the set up--
  • we've got 155 pounds on the bar, this is a nice warm up weight.
  • Why don't we get an average person to do this?
  • Cameraman.
  • Come on, buddy. Get in here.
  • Average Ian.
  • You're an average guy.
  • Let's get you on this. - Ian!
  • - Here he is! - Come on, buddy.
  • Here he is.
  • Before every challenge, we call in the average man
  • just to show you exactly how strong you have to be
  • to do these feats of strength.
  • I feel like I'm going to like, just keel over backwards.
  • No, it's fine.
  • If you do, don't worry.
  • I got my phone, I'll call 9-1-1 for you.
  • Oh, thanks.
  • Appreciate that.
  • And I've got my phone, I'll take a video.
  • Oh, good.
  • [chuckling]
  • All right.
  • Come on!
  • You knocked my hat off.
  • Jeez.
  • Right, three--
  • Three, two--
  • - One. - One.
  • Go.
  • [groaning]
  • [laughter]
  • It's heavy.
  • And it's how much I weigh, so good luck, good luck.
  • Cheers, Ian.
  • Cheers.
  • Four more.
  • 310.
  • Five on each side.
  • All right guys, we got the bar loaded.
  • The bar is 45 pounds.
  • These two big red plates are 55 pounds.
  • The two greens are 25s.
  • We have a black 10.
  • And then on the outside here, we have a blue 5.
  • And then the collars on the outside
  • are actually 5.5 pounds, which gives
  • us a total of 406 pounds even.
  • So we're taking the record up by 3 and 1/2 pounds.
  • So this is a good weight here.
  • It's going to be fun.
  • I think we can make it happen.
  • Let's get it.
  • [grunting]
  • Get up.
  • Shoulders are my specialty.
  • Let's go.
  • [grunting]
  • I've got the strongest shoulders in America.
  • And doing the overhead press, following
  • after one of my heroes--
  • I'm really excited about this.
  • [grunting]
  • Come on, Robby!
  • (SCREAMING) Get up!
  • [grunting]
  • Good.
  • Come on.
  • Big press.
  • Up!
  • [cheering]
  • Yeah!
  • Nice!
  • [applause]
  • (SCREAMING) Yes!
  • [applause]
  • I felt really good about the press.
  • It was a little emotional for me.
  • Thanks, guys.
  • Thank you.
  • When I saw Paula and I saw the statue, I had goosebumps.
  • It was one of the greatest moments of my strongman career.
  • Come on, Ed.
  • I've lifted 476 pounds above my head.
  • And that's the current world record
  • in strongman to putting a weight above your head straight.
  • Come on, Ed.
  • The problem here is I haven't lifted
  • anything above 300 pounds over my head in the last year.
  • [grunting]
  • Come on, come on, come on.
  • And then we get to this lift and it's 400 pounds.
  • (YELLING) Let's go, Ed!
  • Then I'll be honest, I don't know if I can do this thing.
  • Easy up, easy up.
  • And then I looked around, I looked at the Anderson family,
  • and I saw their faces waiting in anticipation for me
  • to do that lift.
  • (YELLING) Come on, you got it!
  • You got it!
  • [screaming]
  • (SCREAMING) Boom!
  • [cheering]
  • Whoa.
  • Good job, man!
  • To have Paul's family there watching on,
  • I felt as though that I couldn't fail.
  • So I had to get really psyched up.
  • I got really angry.
  • [roaring]
  • And I channeled all my energy into getting that lift done.
  • And I'm so glad I did, and I'm glad I paid my respect to Paul.
  • [growling]
  • Let's go, Brian, come on.
  • Because of my training, pressing 402 pounds
  • has now become not that much weight.
  • (YELLING) Come on, Brian!
  • Now, it's taken me a long, long time
  • to be able to say that.
  • Because for a long time, 402 pounds was a weight
  • that was a goal weight for me.
  • Come on.
  • Easy.
  • Easy!
  • (YELLING) Yeah!
  • [cheering]
  • (YELLING) Yeah!
  • Nice.
  • Brian is one of the strongest guys
  • that's ever walked this planet.
  • And it looked so effortless.
  • He really is a phenomenal athlete.
  • Paula, will you come up here and take a photo with us?
  • The whole family? You guys, come on, come on.
  • - Yeah, seriously. - Come up.
  • Him doing that back in the day with 402 pounds
  • is absolutely incredible.
  • [laughter]

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