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  • Hello!
  • Hello my honey bees it's your girl Hyunee and today I'm going to be eating pasta, pasta, pasta so let's dig it cause I'm so hungry
  • So here I have chicken fettuccine alfredo
  • Penna pesto and Chipotle and I'm gonna start with the Chipotle and they forgot to give me utensils
  • So I'm gonna be using this Rilakkuma that Kaitlyn B gave me he's so cute, right?
  • Yummmm
  • Let's try the pesto this is chicken, too.
  • Mmm so creamy so delicious
  • And the alfredo
  • Mix it up mix it good
  • Whoa
  • Wow, it's so creamy.
  • So you guys might be wondering Hyunee, why are you wearing sunglasses? Well...
  • dun dun duun!
  • I have really bad dark circles.
  • I still haven't moved everything in yet. So I am still in the process of moving and so right now it's 11 p.m
  • And this is basically my first meal
  • Mmm, so it's really really good right now
  • Yummy mmmm
  • I've actually never ate pasta with chopsticks. So this is a first
  • This is actually my first time using these chopstick helpers too.
  • Have you guys noticed anything different about my background?
  • Do-doom! My Rilakkuma has become mini size!
  • Weee!
  • So I have two Rilakkuma eating buddies by my side and Rilakkuma chopsticks
  • The more the merrier. Look at this chicken.
  • It's huge.
  • So guess what
  • I initially had three movers come help me move from my old place to my new place
  • But after they came and took a look at my house
  • They were like, no we can't do this
  • This is a five person job five people job
  • And then the three people left and brought five other movers
  • And it took seven hours to move everything
  • Diet Coke
  • You guys might also think Hyunee you finally uploaded a video
  • I've been really busy moving you guys. So I hope you guys understand
  • I've been trying to film and move and do all these things at once
  • Ding!
  • Let's try eating pasta the classy way with chopsticks
  • Oooooooh
  • Look at that. Awwww
  • It doesn't work that well. For this whole week after my birthday weekend
  • I've been bumming it right even right now. I look like a bum right and
  • so
  • on the day of moving I was so out of it and
  • Later during the day. I
  • I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like
  • So I had this dad hot on right and it's that time of the month
  • So I've been breaking out a little bit and I had stains everywhere. Oh, no, I have stain right now too.
  • I told the guy at the storage I was like, I'm so sorry. I look like a bum right now. Sorry
  • You know what he said
  • Guess what? He said?
  • And you know what I'm pretty good with chopsticks with pasta
  • He was like
  • It's okay my wife looks like that 24/7 I was like, oh my god laughing so hard when he said that
  • I want to see how many pennes I can fit in my mouth.
  • I wish I could hold all of them
  • So you guys know I have three big dogs, right, Xeno, Xena and Lucky.
  • So before the movers came I have to move them to my other new house.
  • But because we have a small car, we only move Xeno and Xena first, right. Do you guys like the new home?
  • That was the first time Xeno and Xena went to the new house, so when we got there they were sniffing around everywhere
  • They looked really confused
  • They're like mommy. Where are we?
  • and guess what you guys.
  • I think they thought that we were gonna leave them there
  • and they started crying like *dog whining noises*
  • And the thing is we have to go get lucky right and so
  • I did give them treats I played with them a little bit before I went to get Lucky but they kept crying
  • They were like
  • My old house the living room and kitchen there was stuff together, but it was really small so
  • When Xena and Xena were there it felt like really crowded.
  • But here they can run around so I'm really happy and I really hope they're happy, too.
  • Remember how I told you guys I've been very bumming it?
  • recently
  • Do you guys want to see what I'm wearing?
  • Ready?
  • Ta-da!
  • I have
  • another very long day ahead of me tomorrow
  • and
  • I hope I don't swell up too much because of all this sodium
  • Last bite!
  • Done!
  • Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video
  • if you did
  • Please go and hit that subscribe button if you haven't already and to become a honeybee and like this video if you guys liked it
  • And I'll see you guys in my next video.
  • Bye!
  • Bye-bye!

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Pasta, Pasta, and Pasta Mukbang!

Watch me eat chipotle chicken pasta, chicken pesto penne pasta, and fettuccine alfredo pasta. YUM!

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