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Hello everyone !

Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas / festive season !!

Just wanted to say thank you for another amazing year . I’ve been to some extraordinary places , played some amazing gigs and have been lucky to meet and hang out with some incredible people along the way .

Next year is going to be a big one - new music coming and a tonne of touring

In the meantime I’ll leave you...

Passenger - Winter Coats (Official)

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SÃO PAULO - you were the perfect end to a crazy and wonderful tour . You guys were so passionate and it really was an absolute pleasure to play for you all !! These last three weeks have been an incredible adventure - thanks to everyone for coming out to the shows and making them so special .

a massive thank you to the brilliant Stu Larsen for joining us in South America as well as simon ,...

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Well this is completely mind blowing . Can’t quite get my head around these numbers . You guys are the best !!!!!! Big thanks to Spotify for the support and the stats !!

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URUGUAY - I’m running out of words for you .... last night was yet another wonderful evening here in MONTEVIDEO .
I want to thank all of you so much for coming down to the show last night and for the love and warmth that you have shown me this year .

It’s always an incredible time here and I feel so lucky to have met so many lovely people .

Thank you for the gifts and the letters and for...
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URUGUAY - I’m so thrilled to be back here …. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a really long time !
I absolutely can’t wait for the show tonight at the Antel Arena !! I think its going to be a really special one .
This is my fourth show in Montevideo this year and it will probably be my last for a while so i would love to see as many of you there as possible !!
There are still some...

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Tamara Wieprecht
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Anja Thomßen
Voula Stavridis
BUENOS AIRES - what a fantastic show …. especially considering that all of our equipment didn’t make it in time for the concert
massive massive thank you to my amazing crew for somehow finding a way to keep everything together and still put the show on … you guys are the best !!

I love you ARGENTINA !! thank you so much for being so welcoming and for buying expensive concert tickets in such...

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Fazilet Özcan
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Voula Stavridis
SOUTH AMERICA !!!! It is wonderful to be back

We’re playing in BUENOS AIRES tonight at Museum Live, MONTEVIDEO on wednesday at Antel Arena and then SAO PAULO next Saturday at the Audio Club

Limited tickets for all three shows are still available from and it would be wonderful to see as many of you as possible !!!

In the meanitime here is a little video that we made during sound check...

Passenger & Gregory Alan Isakov - Sweet Baby James

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Anja Thomßen
Thank you CAPETOWN for an absolute belter !! A beautiful room and a perfect crowd . SOUTH AFRICA you’ve been sensational!!! Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting in such numbers !

3 hours sleep and a fairly horrifying travel day ahead .... see you soonish ARGENTINA xxx

Jarrad Seng
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JOBURG - last night was truly extraordinary - up there with the best of them !!!! It had everything from pin drop silence to raucous singalongs ... I couldn’t have asked for anymore . You were perfect ! Thank you for embracing me and my music in such a special way !

And now onwards to CAPE TOWN .... xx

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Ros Brett
DUBAI - last night was absolutely brilliant I enjoyed every second of it .

Thanks so much for selling out the spectacular Dubai Opera and for being such a wonderful crowd - honestly the perfect start to the tour !!!

On our way to SOUTH AFRICA now .... who’s coming to the JOBURG and CAPETOWN shows ??? Xx

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