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There's something mysterious hiding in the body cam footage. Watch #BodyCamMovie now on Digital: [ Paramnt.us Link ]

Now on Digital

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Protect. Serve. Survive. Watch the trailer for #BodyCamMovie starring Mary J. Blige, on Digital May 19.

Body Cam | On Digital May 19

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If it's not a ghost, what is it? For #NationalParanormalDay, download the Paranormal Activity background for your next video call. [ Paramnt.us Link ]
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There are people out there worth saving. #AQuietPlace Part II, in theatres this March.

A Quiet Place Part II - Big Game Spot

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Watch the official trailer for #AQuietPlace Part II. In theatres March 20.

A Quiet Place Part II - Official Trailer

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#AQuietPlace Part II. Trailer coming New Year's Day.

A Quiet Place Part II - Trailer New Year's Day

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Leslee Logan
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This Halloween, you'll want to sleep with the lights on.


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⚠Warning! ⚠ These scares are not for fraidy cats. Watch your favorite Paramount Horror movies this Halloween! paramnt.us/ParamountHorror

Paramount Horror

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Sleep tight. Have a Halloween movie marathon with Paranormal Activity and Pet Sematary: paramnt.us/Paranormal.PetSem
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Tim Lee
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What happens when you sleep? Paranormal Activity was released in theaters 10 years ago. Watch it this weekend: paramnt.us/ParanormalActCollection
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