I used to want the words "She tried" on my tombstone. Now I want "She did it."
~~Katherine Dunham (1910-2006)

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Artiste Monique Thank you for being my friend


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When all your memories are of Cali McCown Birthday Celebrations for the past month... When a day, turns to a week then somehow becomes a day of celebration for each year since she's been born.. Here's to #365DaysofCleo ‍♀
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Maureen Jefferson
Kim Dahado
"I want people to know you have a chance. I’m a fighter" My Amazing Cousin Needs Your Help! #Share & #Donate

WHHS Alum Seeks Help As He Fights Rare Disease

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Candi Fulcher posted on Feb 06, 2019

College Street Music Hall

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I have to get back to this list! #2019

Arsha Jones

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Candi Fulcher
"Me and Rochelle" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
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Germaine Fulcher
Shonda Fulcher
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Anita Birthwright
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