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Wait, this was really a thing? ‍♀

The Daily Show

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Imma bout to be in the dugout with one of these babies.

Attention Sports Parents: These Folding Chairs Are Heated, So Kiss Shivering All Game Goodbye

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All. Day. Yesterday.

Casual Posting 2

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Nikki Feldman posted on Mar 09, 2019

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Shoutout to Stay in Softball who do awesome work and sent me this great t-shirt from their raffle! Thanks again! #stayinsoftball
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I know I post these every year, but they’re my favorite! #toddlerart
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Rebecca Lichvar Brandy Loving Stroud how cool!

Cheddar News

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Why am I, like, a grown ass adult, with a vehicle, and jealous of this little kid’s power wheel hippie van?!


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Deadline to register for softball is tomorrow! Don’t miss out on a fun filled spring! Register today! Tell your friends! Let me know if you have any questions. #GAYAA #Softball #GlenAllen #RVA #SoftballFriends
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