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This young Aussie is amazing.

G Flip

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93 years old in June. A true mad genius.


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Steve Cleaver
Maree North
Brendon Flynn
The back of Tony's pub at John's River. A true North Ryde old boy. A beautiful fucking idiot!!!!
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One of the world's great frontmen . 6 years gone today. Shitty double whammy. MS and BC. Chrissy was my third pretend girlfriend too.

Divinyls - Siren

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Di Bevan
happens with full moon high tides at Jen Moffatt beach and Dicky...(heheheeh I said Dicky) Beaches.

ABC Sunshine Coast

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Great doco if you aint seen it Kennie and Liz....if ya can find it.

Iggy Pop, Joshua Homme - American Valhalla - Trailer

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Garry North posted on Apr 18, 2019

Peggy Sue’s Diner Belli Park

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Very funny stuff...from some OZ rock royalty...sounds crook...but who cares.

Mushroom Evolution Concert Jam : Johnny B Goode (live 1982)

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Jack Austin
Peter Rhys-Jones
When Australian comedy was fun. Imagine the "social media' backlash if this sketch was made today?

The Paul Hogan Show: "Restaurant Etiquette 101"

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