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After many requests we have officially started our Instagram page! Please follow and like us! Happy St. Patrick's Day
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Juliann Moss posted on Feb 15, 2019

Youtube Emani.

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Jacob Lemley crushed this christmas gift for my parents! He is so talented! Thank you so much for making our house transform into a print! You do great work!

From ShoeBoxStudioShop on Etsy: Here you can find art prints of your favorite memories

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I want this to happen so badly!!!!! Sign the petition!

Can you spare a minute to help Juliann Moss?

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Jennifer Bartlett 100% up in here

Quiz: No One Has Finished All 15 Steel Magnolias Quotes. Can You?

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Today is one of my favorite days of the year! It's October 3rd aka Mean Girls Day! But this year it's even better since they teamed up to raise money for the Vegas victims. I donated to help those in need and you should too! "I'm a pusher Cady. I push people."

Click here to support Mean Girls For Las Vegas organized by Brian Tyler Cohen

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Friends check out Jacob Lemley and his stellar Etsy shop! He's coming out with a fall collection and released the first print today! I know I'm not the only one stoked about football season and this is perfect to add to you fall decor!

Fall Football Weather Art Print, 8 x 10 Digital Print, Nature, Illustration, College Football, Autumn Prints

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Tina Fey is the best!!!!

HuffPost Reports

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I believe Harry Potter should be Oklahoma based off of the Oklahoma State description and the fact that "There is only one Oklahoma" (The chosen one).

Big 12 Schools as Harry Potter Characters

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