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Man who had sex with horse gets 20 months in prison

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To leave well wishes etc. Please visit this post on Carolines page
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What bridges the gaps between love and hate? Random acts of kindness. #Whoisyourneighbor

Power of Positivity

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I love my wife more than motorcycles and wh...is...k...e...y...(had to think about it for a minute). I am so happy we painted each other on our arms. Nikki is my ride or die. When the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. She is always my solid ground. I love you baby....for ever and ever amen....(Now for the plug) If you want some art done go to Sideshow Tattoo and talk to Jeff...
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Lopez Jay....every day

Adult Jokes & Humor

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Alfred Painter
This is the second time in 24 hours I have seen a post about domestic violence. I do not care who the victim is or who the abuser is. They will do it again. Abuse is abuse and it can come from a man or a woman. If someone hits you they will hit you again. Flowers or apologies, etc will not make up for it. They are not sorry they did it....You deserve better....you deserve much better.
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Good I fully support cops wearing body cams. Will / Should help with accountability....That is never a bad thing

Lawrence police expected to have body cameras by summer

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We do not care where you are from...we just want to take care of your (OUR) kids. Its what we do....

Child injured in pipeline explosion in Mexico being treated at Shriners Hospital for Children

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