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Gia Garrick posted on Sep 10, 2018

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Felt like I was about to see my car join the Wahine at the bottom of the Cook Straight today!! Most incredibly huge waves I've ever looked up at from dry ground... So so cool

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Hi Morgan Hands! You're a bit of a celebrity in the NewstalkZB/Radio Sport newsroom. I don't know if you've seen this article, but my good friend and workmate Guy Heveldt would very much like to hear from you.


Gia Garrick

Robbie Williams concertgoer uses the power of Twitter to find mystery woman - Entertainment - NZ...

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Guys, this is a far better version of 'on the fence' - gives you an analytical look at where you sit versus each party. Especially good if you don't know who to vote for and equally insightful if you think you do!

How do your views on New Zealand politics align with the parties?

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