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Insightful book for educator friends.

Learning Time: In Pursuit of Educational Equity

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Great episode. We don’t “live” the Gospel, the Gospel is an announcement of Christ’s work alone. The Law demands perfection, the Gospel gives Christ.

"WHI Classic: Good News vs. Good Advice" from White Horse Inn by Michael Horton & Shane Rosenthal on Apple Podcasts

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Gary Parrett, ordered your book for Eldon Kim. Wondering if you could sign it lol. Btw, highly recommend this.

Grounded in the Gospel: Building Believers the Old-Fashioned Way

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Gary Parrett

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Katrina Welch
Why is more important than what or how.

How great leaders inspire action

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I’m listening to these lectures by Ryan Reeves on Tolkien and Lewis and am thoroughly enjoying them [ Youtube.com Link ] v=JF3t3Xx4s5A&list=PLRgREWf4NFWYkdjziCtks-Gws5YIdN0Fi&index=1

The Hobbit

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Chris Plant

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Gary Manning
Jennifer Ofner
Sonja Manning Maierhauser
For Christian friends hurting from grief and loss, this is a great resource. Thanks Marissa N Mark. Tagging some peeps to listen. Ethan Pien Peter Grrtonson Sharon Chan Lmft Shea Nakamura

The Journey through Grief and Loss – Part 1 – Diane Langberg

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Marissa N Mark
“Prayer is the privilege of a son, not the duty of a servant.” ~John Fonville, thanks John Fonville

Andrew Uchida we go fishing!
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John Fonville
Jennifer Ofner I can see Evie, Amanda, and Aaron doing this someday

South Korean Taekwondo Team Goes Viral With Their Epic Martial Arts Skills

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John Fonville