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Stop. Just freaking STOP! .
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But can I get a few silent investors so I can turn my dreams into reality? You will be highly rewarded.
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This is the kind of positive messaging we need waaaay more of. ❤
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Whoa. This is amazing.
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It's never about money, it's about maintaining class warfare. The same class that won't pay a living wage which would lift the world out of economic poverty overnight... pledge more money for a building that by all means was 150% insured to begin with. .
People > Property

Girl Du Jour

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I mean...

The Happy Givers NPO

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So damn refreshing! Just listen to the diametrically opposite approach to how you excite your base.. One of uplifting unity instead of denigrating divisiveness. One of facts, numbers, data vs babbling bullshit from a conman. If my language offends you then so should your President. #MayorPeteForPOTUS. He speaks TRUTH!!! ❤

Mayor Pete Buttigieg announces run for president: full speech on April 14, 2019

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My nephews, Weston and Bentley ❤❤

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