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A pedo dwarf who tricked young girls by using a fake Facebook account will walk free!

Pedophile Dwarf WALKS FREE After Pleading Guilty To 35 Child S*x Offenses

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Michelle Diamandis
Artenes Rumlper
A young girl snatched off the street was found in a hotel room 7 hours later of a 51-year-old man!

8-Year-Old Girl Snatched Off A Street Was Found 7 Hours Later In Hotel Room Of A 51-Year-Old Man

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A mom-of-two was left crawling on her knees and hands after doctors said her broken leg was just a pulled hamstring!

Mother-Of-Two Died Of Cardiac Arrest After Doctors Missed Her Broken Leg THREE Times

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I'm with McDonalds on this one. Looks like an utter fabrication. What do you say?

Man Demands $140k As He Sues McDonald After He Found A Live Mouse In His Milkshake

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Utkarsh Raman
Carol Van Rensburg
Love gel manicures? Dermatologists explain how to protect yourself from skin cancer!

Gel Manicures Increase Your Risk Of Developing Skin Cancer, Dermatologists Explain How To Protect Yourself

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Sasi Dharan
This is the most chilling video I’ve ever seen!

A Python Entered A Woman’s Home Through Her Toilet And Bit Her

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Binge watching is now a job you can apply for!

This Company Will Pay You $1,000 To Watch All 20 Marvel Movies Back-to-Back

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Carina Visser
Táni Du Toit
Andy Gibson Karkada
Ágúst Ísfjörð
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