The main role of the European Commission's Environment Directorate-General (DG) is to initiate and define new environmental legislation and to ensure that agreed measures are put into practice in the EU Member States.

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Dreaming of a perfect garden & balcony?
Our little insect friends do too!

Why not let part of your lawn grow wild, be pesticide-free, with native plants that nourish pollinators?

You can even create insect hotels or grow thyme & lavender for them!

Find out more about you can welcome nature’s magic workers here

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Stefania Ruxandra
It’s Earth Day!

Let’s show our we care

We can:

♻ reuse and recycle more

welcome pollinators in our balconies and gardens

stop using single-use plastic items and opt for reusable products

And much more!

Join us [ Eugreenweek.eu Link ]
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Lucy Petrescu
Our home
Our future
Our only planet
Our Earth is magnificent, with millions of species that we know and love.
Many are under threat and we need to do more so that our home remains the wonderful place we know.

Happy #EarthDay !

Our work to protect our biodiversity

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We are proud to present 3⃣ Citizens Dialogues on environment with young Europeans inMalta!

We discussed the future of our environment and actions that young people want to see happening! ‍♀‍♂

Maltese citizens asked from Europe, governments and city mayors to give proof that they act! They asked for bold decisions and real deliverables on policies to help our continent become...

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84% of crops in Europe need our #EUPollinators!

If they disappeared, many farmers ‍ would to turn to pollination by hand or abandon altogether crops dependent on insect pollination.
We cannot allow this to happen!

Join our initiative!

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Lucy Petrescu
Biodiversity loss continues in the EU, despite progress at local level.

We face significant gaps on law implementation ⚖ and policy integration which hinder efforts to protect European ecosystems.

Here's how we help improve this!

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#EIReview #EUBiodiversity
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Join us on May 4 at the #EUOpenDay!
Together with EU Climate Action and LIFE we will be there to welcome you to our stand!

You can enjoy fun activities & learn more about our actions on environment and climate!

Find out more about all the EU institutions you can visit!

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#EUPollinators are not all black & yellow
In the , our insect pollinators belong to:
8.000 moth species
2.000 bee species (including bumblebees)
900 hoverfly species
500 butterfly species
All are indispensable for pollination of crops & wild plants.
Learn more about the EU approach to tackle pollinators decline [ Europa.eu Link ]
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Gabriele Giuliani