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Clay modeling at it's finest!


Stunning Clay Sculpture

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Andreas Kronborg
Tony Smith
Trish Bagley
Joy McMillan
Paulina Schneggele
Sometimes you flip, and sometimes you FLOP!

Flips Vs. Flops | People Are Awesome Vs. FailArmy

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Thibaut Morel
Amélie Giguère-Leclerc
Christoforos Stathopoulos
Valerie Pallaoro
Cintia Trindade
After breaking Michael Phelps' butterfly record at just 10 years old, swimmer Carson Foster is training for the gold at Tokyo 2020!

Watch more Heroes of the Future on Olympic Channel: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Heroes of the Future | Carson Foster

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People Are Awesome
Alvinho Campos
Kimberly Watkins Swenk
Carlos Alberto Ruvalcaba Barandi
Amr Fathy Ali
Squad goals!

Girl Squad

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Camille Geoffroy
Clémentine Mt
Aaron Schwader
Jess Bless
Stephen Dollins
Birdhouse? More like bird mansion!

YT: Stephan Pöhnlein

Extreme Birdhouse Build

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Rosie Wolfram
Pat Minter
Chiara Cipolletta
Patrick Jones
Mads Gosvig
How on earth can you do these tricks on 2 wheels?!

Extreme BMX Tricks

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Beston Muhamad
Akki Raj
Ritesh Shah
ခင္ျိမ္း ၿငိမ္းစံ
Jeremiah Knight

Next-Gen Awesome

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Venkatareddy Isireddy
Shawn Schultz
Tal Arbiser
Aeron Ignacio
Σαραντακη Βασιλικη
This is why you SHOULD play with your food!

The Red Balloon - Candy Artisans

Superhero Sugar Sculpture

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Quentin Rioche
Steve Telusma
Brandon Deiss
Trung Sơn
Paulina Pluto
These people prove that hard work makes anything possible!

Best of the Week | 2019 Ep. 18 | People Are Awesome

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People Are Awesome
Joshua JOfunny
Lucrecia Banson
Ravi Arora
Graham Jordan
We are teaming up with our friends at Poke My Heart to bring awareness to SMARD, a rare disease that afflicts infants. Please watch this video...and if you are able, donate as little or as much as you can. 100% of your donation goes towards the funds needed to complete this life-saving research. #SmashSMARD #GeneTherapy
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De Lazo Luzano Emilio
Ross Wayne Mariu
Raviin Ravin