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The first ever interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Netflix episode. This will be interesting to see how everyone’s episode is different. December 28th!

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Alfonso Huesca Rodriguez Jr.
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Carlo Cabanilla
Hahahahaha, FINALLY!

Giants Give Up On Former Top-10 Pick Ereck Flowers

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Brandon Lee
Somebody must have given Cap one of those Wakanda plants, or he’s gonna die lol


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Skylar S Sky
Skylar S Sky
Willy Manuel
Joseph Cruz posted on Feb 25, 2017

Being a Geek

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I'm crying tears of salsa right now

Victor Cruz

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Kevin Thomas
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Chili's FINALLY lifts ban on Pam Beasly. After all the political turmoil this year, I think this is the most significant step to progress. America failing? False. This is a win.

Chili's Welcomes Back Pam Beesly Halpert After 11-Year Ban

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Mike Pollaro
Joseph Cruz posted on Feb 07, 2017

Patrick Bet-David

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