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With flames moving in from all sides during the Northern California fire, an entire town flees—except for four friends who’ve lived there since childhood.

Passed Over - This American Life

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This American Life
Christian Heredia
In a small town, a bunch of kids get home from school one day to find their parents are gone. What do they do now?

The Sudden Departure - This American Life

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Jamie Smith
Cheryl Terdina
Bill Moore
Dean Morley
Ruth Mitzel
After their parents' death, eleven adult siblings invent an elaborate, cheat-proof system to divide up the remains of their childhood.

Left Behind - This American Life

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Johnny Law
Melanie Nelson
Leslie Weiner
Ife Gbo Si
We’re looking for people stuck figuring out a hard personal choice – ones that will actually require them to grow a spine to face. Maybe you’re deciding whether to own up to a mistake, stand up for someone, or fire a good friend? Are you trying to start or end a relationship? Maybe there’s someone you know you should turn in? Email us the details and your contact info at...
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Brock Harmon
Nikole Krause
Mary Ann Hammond
Marcie Ann Beuhler
Breanne Thomas
On the radio this weekend: People figuring out how to move through a world in which something important has disappeared. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Left Behind

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Brian Bowman
We asked our producers to name some of their favorite stories from the archive. This one comes from Chana Joffe-Walt: "Ira Glass’s perfect, intimate rendering of the American prom experience, and Susan Burton with what it looks like when that prom experience is actually life-changing. Plus Sweet Valley High."

Prom - This American Life

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Sally Hefner
We asked our producers to name some of their favorite stories from the archive. This one comes from Zoe Chace: "A masterpiece of reporting on the legacy of a huge historical moment — the assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitzak Rabin. Told irresistibly, like a page-turner mystery novel, by Dan Ephron and Nancy Updike."

The Night in Question - This American Life

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Michael Harrison
Leslie Sullivan Sachs
Jim Ngo
Kimberly Lombard
Jim Nolan
Hello! We’re looking for situations happening in the next ten days where we can record someone trying to psych themselves up for a difficult task. Do you have a major test, audition, or game? Are you about to quit a job, break up with someone, or deliver a hard truth? Are you going to face a big fear? If that's you, email us the details and your contact info at callforstories@thislife.org.
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Melissa Osley Warde
Lisa Klomp Erickson
Shelley Protte
Maria Amezquita
Laura Jean
Lindy West on how she went from being ashamed of her fatness to embracing it.

Tell Me I’m Fat - This American Life

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Denise Lynn
Theresa Durkin
Annie Ayres
Traci Kuhn
Mechelle Anderson Yeager
On the radio this weekend: Maybe it’s time to rethink the way we see being fat. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Tell Me I'm Fat

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Katie Alberte
Peter Kobak
Caitlin Hoag
Brad Bartley
Susan Rhody