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Farhiya, 13, had never gone to school before. But a rehabilitated school in her town gave her hopes for her future.

“I want to develop myself through education and I know I deserve to learn”, Farhiya said. ⬇

Somalia: “I deserve the opportunity to learn” – Farhiya’s story

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Humanitarian needs in Cameroon are at their highest level ever. Funding for the response is however at an all-time low.

The people of Cameroon deserve a chance. It is time to close the funding gap.

Cameroon: "We must step up to the rising needs" – UN Humanitarian Coordinator

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Burundi is one of the world’s poorest nations.

Here are the 5⃣ things you need to know about the humanitarian situation ⬇

Five things you need to know about Burundi - United Nations OCHA

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1455 life-saving projects
686 partners
17 countries

Find out how the Country -based Pooled Funds supported millions of people in 2018 ⬇⬇

Country-based Pooled Funds: Delivering aid where and when it is most needed

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Water is life. Across #Syria, 15.5 million people are in dire need of water, sanitation & hygiene aid.

Read about how one project is having a big impact⬇⬇

Syria: Safe drinking water a reality for 87,000 internally displaced people in Eastern Ghouta

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Internally displaced people are not second-class citizens. And they should never be invisible citizens, denied their rights or ignored by policymakers.

See how you can help ⬇

Invisible Citizens Week

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We call for an end to the conflict in #Libya and a respect for the rules of war. Civilians in Libya are #NotATarget.

Libya- Civilians are #NotATarget.

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In 2017, each day, 80,000 people are displaced in their own country.
That’s 80,000 too many.


Invisible Citizens

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Can we help make home, feel like home again for internally displaced people?

Home sweet home

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One month after #CycloneIdai struck southern Africa, flood waters have begun to recede, but needs have not. We pledge to continue to stay and deliver.

Cyclone Idai, one month anniversary

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