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Save the date! | LIVE tomorrow, April 23, at 16:30.

Join our live conversation with Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič and a group of young climate activists from across Europe.

Any ideas you want them to discuss?
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Every day we work to protect you.

From health to environment and safety, we coordinate local heroes and resources from across the EU to keep you and your family out of threats and dangers.

Find out how we do it → [ Europa.eu Link ]


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We like going wild in Europe.

The EU legislation protects 1,500 rare and threatened plants and animals, including 500 wild bird species at risk of extinction.

Take a walk on Europe’s wild side and find out more about it here → [ Europa.eu Link ]


Enjoy clean water, cleaner air and protected nature in the EU

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It’s chocolate time!

Pierre is an Italian chocolate maker that started his own business after receiving a credit from an funded project.

Loan of Honour is a project designed by Italy’s Marche Region giving small loans and free tutoring to unemployed people. It created over 1,300 new businesses and around 3,300 jobs over 10 years.

Find out more → europa.eu/!Hw94pN

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Joanne Knight
No more separation = no more drama on holidays!

If you have a dog, cat or ferret, you can travel with them wherever you want in the EU with the European pet passport!

Ask for it to any authorised veterinarian and pack your suitcase.

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What will change with the new rules on ID cards?

✅ ID cards must have a contactless chip and be made of solid plastic.
✅ The highly secure chip must include a facial image and two fingerprints.
✅ New ID cards will be valid for a maximum of ten years, except in the case of citizens aged 70 and above.
✅ Old and not sufficiently secure ID cards currently in use will have to be replaced....
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Whatever road you choose, take care and drive safely!

We continue to work towards ‘Vision Zero' – zero road deaths by 2050.
In 2018, 25,100 people lost their lives on EU roads.

We are committed to work with all EU countries to provide the level of safety you demand and deserve.

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Each region has its own culinary tradition and authentic taste. Our food heritage is precious and the EU protects it.

Over a thousand food and drinks from across Europe are registered under the EU quality schemes. These guarantee:
Legitimate regional origin
Unique preparation methods
Legal protection against imitation and misuse

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European Commission
European Commission
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❤ On time.| Delayed.| Cancelled.

Whether you travel by plane, train, boat, or bus, you're entitled to fair treatment. This includes compensation, reimbursements, rescheduling or hotel accommodation.

#ThisIsTheEU #EUandME
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#ThrowbackThursday 40 years ago, the first European elections by direct universal suffrage took place.

Many things have changed ever since, but not your right to vote your representatives!

Remember #EUelections2019 will take place next 23-26 May. The countdown is on, are you ready?

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