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My brother is a creative dude.


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Linda Franklin
The best one I’ve ever seen.

Funny Or Die

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I love it, Sarah Davison!

High Road

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...Haven’t changed a bit..

Lucas O'brien Bivens Micah Bivens Sam Bivens Marianna Bivens
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This guy is incredibly talented and has written several songs deserving of being heard by millions. So please do the world and yourselves a favor and donate!

Click here to support Topher Makes An Album, Yall. organized by Topher Brown

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Andrew Loraditch
Don Bivens posted on Dec 05, 2017

The Man of Better Clay

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(I have come to that place in life in which things have very little power to take my eye off the prize. I suppose you could say that I am old. And that would not be untrue in a sense. For I am old… Old to the way of things, to the ways of man...to God. I am not so unique up there. Up there where things have been as they are as long as eternity stretches. Up there, I am not so strange. There, I...
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Don Bivens posted on Oct 30, 2017

Only The Good Die Young

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