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Donna Jane Fitzgerald posted on Mar 30, 2018

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Gary Richter
Next to "Plug in Baby" this is my favorite!

Muse - Madness - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

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My choice for today...sadly they did not play it in Las Vegas...maybe next time ;)

Muse - Plug In Baby - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

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GOD BLESS AMERICA! No one can tell me when or where I can say that, especially in my on country!

I love Dachshunds

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Donna Jane Fitzgerald posted on May 18, 2015

River Bottom Pursuits

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So much for her "professed" sobriety on RHOBH reunion! I hope now she will allow herself to get help that will last her.

Kim Richards Arrested After Drunk Confrontation With Police Officer â

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Kathleen Harper
Karin P Fab
Kathleen Harper
Karin P Fab
Karin P Fab
Not afraid to post for something I believe should still be done. If you don't like things in this country...move out!


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Its a symbol of the crisis that this country and those who died there went through! Yes, difinately it should be displayed. If your Atheist why should it bother you...don't look at it or go see it. We Christians should not have to give up things that "matter" to us for you. We do not descriminate in this country. It is a melting pot of all people and all their beliefs. Protest something...

Fox & Friends

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Deborah Ware Carlson