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Kushagra Mishra posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Seems interesting on the sides when countries like Russia,japan,uae,netherland,kazakhastan have started initiative. India must or not it's confusing

India offered a $1.6bn oil discount, if it pays in crypto

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Some thing really amazing even it was good to see improving road conditions and power shortage problem. It was worth visiting varanasi by French president emmanuel macron and German president and our own president ram nath kovindji

PM Narendra Modi's constituency goes ‘wireless’

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Culture Trip

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Javidullah Maroof
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Javidullah Maroof
Kushagra Mishra posted on Aug 19, 2017

Image: Alexander the Great Quote: “God must have loved Afghans because he ...

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Unbelievable! I remember Only Jewish General of Indian army Gen. JFR Jacob.

ISIS Fighters ‘Attacked Israel Defense Forces, then Apologised'

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Kushagra Mishra posted on Sep 05, 2016


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