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Chipper Jones, third baseman. Inductee, National Baseball Hall of Fame (2018). Born April 24, 1972.

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I said from the start that Chip Kelly is a bad fit with today's UCLA Football. The program needs to bolster it's defense. And an offensive-minded head coach isn't going to do that.

UCLA football opens Chip Kelly era with 26-17 home loss to Cincinnati

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Time to become a shipping magnate, a tile layer, the leader of a dungeon raiding party, the builder of great cities, the founder of a space colony, a Renaissance trader, a race car driver, and more. All in one weekend.

Gateway 2018

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Too much of a mediocre thing. And they will still sell all 23,000 passes all too quickly. And the full year pass for $300? My A1C jumped up a half point just thinking about it!

Olive Garden's $300 'Pasta Pass' Offering Full Year Of Unlimited Carbs

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For the many of us mourning the passing of Aretha Franklin, let us remember that the music she made will live on. Even in cover songs crafted for audiences that were not frequently hers.

Basia Until You Come back to Me

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A Valley landmark is going away. I must go this weekend. Who wants to join me?

De Soto Pharmacy in Canoga Park is closing, and with it its signature soda shop

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Terry Dix
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It can play the Kessel Scales in under 12 bars...
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So, who's wackier? An attention-seeking and self-promoting person who has been fired 4 times by the same employer, or the employer who kept re-hiring that person?


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Roadkill in a can!

The Sportsmen Party

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