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When a community comes together. I hope all keep this in mind when it comes time to vote!!!!


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Besides my bug zapper, I just spent a good $50 on bug spray and yard stuff. I don't normally go this overboard, but with the pool, and with how sick everyone was this year, I'm not risking it.

Quarter-size mosquitoes plague area amid heavy rainfall

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So, we did a thing . Seems like it shall be a family affair now, the kids had a blast at the last fest, we decided to include them again! Can't wait for this line-up and the day with the family!!!!!


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Just wow!!!! I am glad we moved to a city with better resources, but I still work in Dickinson. I still hear the distress of residence daily about the lack of effort on the county / city in recovery efforts. I hear about the hoops and loops that people had to go through just to obtain permits to rebuild their houses. I see new construction for business and houses since Harvey, but absolutely...

Dickinson homeowners clean clogged ditches, fear more flooding

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But it really doesn't say why???


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REALLY?!?!?!? Vaccinate your kids!!! seriously!! schools need to deny entry without these records. like they threaten to do to me with at least one of my kids every year because of errors on their end

Doctor fears conditions are ripe for measles outbreak in Texas this school year

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I fucking love science

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Tiffany DeFouw Richards posted on Aug 06, 2018
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Tiffany DeFouw Richards posted on Aug 06, 2018

Mommy Life

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