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  • We're gonna be going to the mall
  • We're gonna go to any store and pick anything we want from there as long as it fits us
  • We can mix and match from different stores and we have to make three complete house
  • but this is gonna be quite interesting because Ronald has never actually
  • Picked out an outfit by himself before this was the job of our mom. This I picked out by myself
  • So we have an unlimited budget. We have to pick shoes and accessories, too
  • So this is gonna be quite interesting, right?
  • the only way to find out who the winner will be is to actually go pick out the outfits and you
  • Guys are gonna comment down below afterwards. So let's go
  • So guys we are at the mall the first stop will be Zara let's go so here is H&M were gonna come back later first
  • next store
  • Guys, we are at the kids section and by the looks, I'm not I don't have much hope here
  • So let's just take a look and maybe I'll find something good
  • Perfect
  • I don't like here. Let's go to H&M. That was an easy stuff. And I said easy. I think I found all my outfits here
  • You guys we are here at H&M
  • I think I'm gonna find something good because this is where I got this shirt from H&M, and I have a good feeling
  • I
  • I Think got my first outfit well part of an outfit. I still need shoes and accessories getting these white shoes for the outfit
  • Guess I got almost everything I need I just need two missing shoes and accessories. So let's go find those
  • You guys we are at the next store. I hope we're gonna find some shoes here
  • Oh, it's got everything go to one less place
  • Okay guys last spot cleaners I just need a few more accessories and then I will be completely finish
  • Because you are finally done my last bit of accessories, I've just thought are right here and it's very majestic Beck
  • It's time to go home and put a little bit of a fashion show
  • I got a whole lot of stuff here. My bags are massive
  • So we bought three different outfits and we're gonna just do a fashion show
  • See who's gonna is the best outfit to you and you guys are gonna be the judges. You're gonna decide who is the better?
  • fashionista, I
  • Bet it's gonna be me. I bet it's gonna be me
  • So my outfit number one, it's in this bag. I got a
  • Nice blue dress here. Yeah, but Getty straps and has this flowy bag
  • Which I like it kind of looks like jeans. So that's why I like it. I also got a white jacket
  • Here to go with now on top and with that
  • Because I think the dress will look a little bit strange all by itself
  • so I'm about so it's like tighten up a little bit and I got
  • Some rings right here to go with an accessory and my shoes, wait!
  • My shoes aren’t here and you go get my shoes and I had these shoes with flowers on the bottom
  • And it's so pretty you love these shoes, sir. Oh, what's your outfit number one?
  • These are my kind of
  • desert-y looking shoes interesting like summer-ish and yeah looking
  • my item number two
  • I'm number line. I got these jeans with the holes and they look really cool
  • It comes with a black belt that says the future. It's
  • done
  • What do you have our shirt Ahnold
  • a
  • Skeleton wearing a cap then it says stay cool stick. Where does it say? I'm in the cap
  • Is that it? Yep, no accessories. Nope, okay
  • Outfit number one
  • So I
  • jump to I thought it was gonna be a dress but it isn't I have this white jacket to go on top and
  • I have a white belt to match. I also have some white shoes and flowers at the bottom and don't forget my ring
  • My rings are a little bit too small, but that's okay
  • So here are my shoes looking kind of camel and esri and then if you go up to my jeans
  • It's like a hole here. That's an extra part in there
  • It's quick and you sit then my shirt is a scholarly shirt and here's my things
  • So do you think I want to come down below? Hash tag? Ronald is awesome
  • And if you think I want comment down below unicorn Queen
  • so for my second outfit
  • also have this
  • White shirt which I love I love this shirt. It's bigger on this bit
  • And I just when you put it on it looks much cooler
  • Then looks without a person I have this black purse that these little strips coming out. I think this looks cool
  • It has a very long strap. I also have some white shoes because I love white shoes
  • And I think this will go perfect with this outfit and I have two accessories. I have these rounded sunglasses. I think these will look
  • Super cool. Oh
  • Yeah
  • Some bracelets
  • around with that I got
  • Thank You TV so blue shoes
  • Some blue nice like my shoe some short key jeans I
  • Sure thing guess what a sense of it
  • bro
  • So guys have to change it to outfit number two
  • And we'll see you in this ayah
  • This is my F but starting from the bottom I got white beautiful shoes
  • I never had white mean cheese with so long, and I'm so happy that I have pudding Jews for once and up here
  • I got some green pants
  • I think I match perfectly whipped up sure bub looks so cool has flowers and it says this word
  • I don't know what it is and here is my purse
  • I have this black purse we have these little strings coming out. I think it matches a Fitzgerald perfectly
  • I also have these bracelets a bunch of them
  • They all came together and I was like, let's just put them all on one wrist
  • I think it looks pretty and you can't forget the sunglasses
  • Starting from the bottom. We got some blue nice fatty looking shoes white bits
  • So and my pants are some Jean these shorts are
  • Like folded up at the bottom here like that and then over here. There's a shirt called Proulx
  • I'm the pro in this challenge. So guys if you pick I am the winner comment, hashtag pro anything you think I am
  • Sunglasses are the way to go. So guys. I say it's best for last. This is my favorite outfit
  • so to start off I have a first
  • Identical to this one except it's white. I also have this coca-cola shirt. I think this shirt is so cool
  • It's just like the coolest thing ever
  • I also got some plain jeans, you know, I need some kind of bottom
  • So I just got some plain old Jean if you don't have one
  • I also got these red
  • Shoes, I think they look so cool and pretty yes. I don't love it coolest aisle coca-cola Sally
  • Yes blue bread bread. Yeah
  • I also got an ankle braces because I saw and I was like I need this in my life
  • So I just got it and we got these silver slash. Hollow sunglasses
  • but last but not least I have a
  • Whole bunch of
  • Chokers and I'm gonna wear them all at once. It's give me a little bit of party on my neck, but no rope
  • Mickey Mouse's shoes say no. Nope. Nope, and on this side thinking its tongue out
  • ah
  • No, chill time sure, it would be better if it said kill bra but it says chill tires
  • Still looking awesome
  • Looking great, isn't it?
  • So my output starting from my beautiful shoes, these are red and white laces in the white bottoms
  • I think it looks just perfect. I got some plain old jeans any old jeans
  • I got some sure to match with the pants has coca-cola coca-cola. Sure
  • It has coca-cola written all over and I think it's absolutely made especially when it's tied up into a crop top like this. I
  • have a white purse to match with all the upper whiteness on my
  • body with these white little strings coming out and I have a bunch of trophies all around Ike like
  • Look at my need. I have like four of them. Am I reading than five?
  • and of course the one anomie the glasses to my athletes starting from those shoes has
  • We've got some the yellow pad some short jeans and a shirt saying jail time because it is
  • Children everyone come down. It's wrong the winner everybody. Calm down
  • it's in a nice pinkish color, too and
  • The access sorry, is it glasses?
  • Chicken dinner time challenge comment down below hashtag world rules
  • Now sign for the ultimate chill time

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We are buying 3 complete outfits from any store we want including shoes and accessories and you guys are the judges on who is a better fashionista!!! So who is the winner winner chicken dinner?

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