Out on the Ranch (with Dr. Lee)

Out on the Ranch (with Dr. Lee)

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"Out on the Ranch" is a laid-back, low-stress video visit into the daily life of a Veterinarian/Rancher in South Texas. These videos are not limited to just vet and ranch happenings, but also include slices of daily life as well. I'm very dedicated to wildlife on the ranch, and all animals in general at my vet hospital. So please "relax and enjoy," and consider me your host as we travel and work this old 1890 ranch and a modern veterinary hospital together! Also, every "now 'n then" I'll throw in a few video snippets of my blues band in action and ask your musical opinions of songs and arrangements we're working on (if you wouldn't mind)! So THANKS very much for watching; I'd really like to turn this channel into something fun, but I cannot know what works, and what doesn't work unless you respond (by SUBSCRIBING and LEAVING FEEDBACK on each video). So Please do so; I'll do my best to not let you down! Thanks again, and have a great day! Dr. Lee