On this 29th Anniversary for the release of Forbidden / Twisted Into Form I wanted to post this amazing picture. Here we have the guys in Death Angel, Horde of Torment, our tech Takumi Suetsugu, Jim Welsh from Combat Records and the rest of the Forbidden boys (Russ on the other side of the glass) singing background vocals.

I believe all we really did is “Out of Body, Out of Mind” that day. Probably drank a lot and did other stupid and fun stuff.

This was all done at Fantasy Studious in Berkeley with Michael Rosen at the helm.

The DA boys were always our tightest friends of the bigger Bay Area bands. We’d share rehearsal studious and be at each other’s party’s for years. Then we shared two tour buses on two continents.

Some of the greatest dudes EVER! It’s awesome that we’re still all friends to this day. Now we’re all grown up, most of us with families and still playing music to some capacity.

That’s the late Tim Calvert right behind Matt Camacho picking his nose. We and the metal world miss him very much and will never forget his music, humor and genius.

RIP Tim...

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