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A mother is under investigation in North Korea for failing "to save the portraits of the first and second rulers of North Korea," opting to save her children instead.

Even for a dictatorship this feels a bit extreme.

(via All That's Interesting)

North Korean Mom Faces Jail Time For Saving Her Kids From House Fire Instead Of Kim Jong Il Portrait

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What do you say to an avocado who’s done a good job?


(via Thought Catalog)
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A recent survey by the American Academy of Family Physicians found that 55% of millennials did not get a flu shot this winter, leading doctors to worry that trust of medical institutions is eroding.

(via NBC News)
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Talk about a whale of a fact.
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It appears that YouTube has a climate change denial issue, with a study finding that "16 percent of the top 100 related videos for the search term 'global warming' contained misinformation."

(via Mashable)

YouTube's top related videos have a climate change denial problem

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The human skull would nee "impact-absorbing crumple zones" much like modern vehicles to better protect our brain in car crashes. ⛑

(via Did You Know ?)

Meet Graham, the Man Engineered to Survive a Serious Car Crash

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Zombie cats are a thing and it's terrifying.

(via Newsweek)

Feral cats break into body farm to eat decomposing human corpses

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This week marks the 100 year anniversary of the failed teetotaling experiment that was Prohibition taking effect.

(via The Vintage News)
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The bore in Turnagain Arm, Alaska looks like a whole lot of fun to surf. ‍♀‍♂

What's a tidal bore you ask?

Well, a bore is a "huge wave or series of waves that advance down" a river or "inlet from a broad bay."

(via Atlas Obscura and Alaska.org)

Surfing Alaska’s Famous Bore Tide

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