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  • Okay, so I went to anime North this past weekend
  • Which is a convention I've been going to every year for the past four years and at some point. I thought to myself hmm
  • I'm turning 27 this year, ooh
  • And then I just suddenly
  • felt old. I looked around in the vicinity and just saw an ocean of youth, and for a few minutes
  • I kind of felt out of place
  • Wait, wait hold up. I Know what you're thinking~
  • (Spits a bunch of times)
  • Dom.
  • Twenty-seven? That's not old at all. Do you know how old I am?
  • I'm [insert a number greater than 27.] Yeah, okay, fair. That's true.
  • You may be the age of that number which happens to be greater than my number.
  • But I'm pretty sure there's someone else older than you
  • And there's probably someone else older than them. In fact at any given time, did you know this? There can only be ONE
  • oldest person in the world.
  • (Provided everyone knows the time of their birth down to the millisecond.)
  • Does that mean there can only be one person in the world who has the right to feel old?
  • No, of course not. It's all relative. Again, I am turning 27 this year.
  • I am around the age my parents were when they had my older sister
  • And here I am not even married yet. In fact, neither are my sisters
  • And I'm pretty sure my parents would like to have some grandkids at some point in this lifetime.
  • These are the kind of pressures that get to me. Every now
  • And then I go through my Facebook and catch a glimpse of
  • my feed and it's like "so and so just got married
  • [oh] [so-and-so], just had their second kid oh"
  • And here I am, thinking I'm still a kid. Well, at heart anyway
  • And I'm pretty sure I'll be this way for the rest of my life. My body may start feeling old
  • I'm already feeling it right now with my declining metabolism, am I right?
  • (Laughing)
  • (Sobbing)
  • But I will do what it takes to keep my mind
  • youthful. I don't want to become one of those old grumpy dudes who just sit on the rocking chair on the front porch critiquing
  • everything in their field of vision.
  • I want to be seventy years old and still be able to make puns that my
  • Grand kids develop a grudging tolerance for. It makes me wonder if I'm just slow with these life events
  • Of course I know I shouldn't compare the pace of my life with others because everyone travels at their own speed
  • But it still makes me worry sometimes about when will things
  • Actually feel late.
  • You know it's fun to witness? When high school kids
  • Think they feel old. They go through freshman year ready to discover themselves and develop their teenage
  • identities. The moment they hit the 10th grade they begin spiting the new freshman just for being younger than them.
  • "Oh my god, Betty, did you see the freshmen this year? Like, ew."
  • "Ewwwwww."
  • "Oh my god, right? Like, ugh, freshmen, like, we weren't totally them six months ago."
  • (Deep Breath)
  • "Ew."
  • "You want to, like, go to, like, star, like, bucks or something?"
  • ...Like?" And this just continues every year until senior year where their pompous elitist looking-ass selves
  • are just looking down on every underclassmen like they've somehow earned this authority over a kingdom.
  • But then, a reset happens. They graduate and head to college. (Most of them anyway.)
  • And they become first-years again who are then being looked down on by the upper years! It's an infinite cycle in both directions!
  • Let me give you guys a tip. Stop
  • automatically thinking that older means smarter or wiser and thus making younger mean dumber and more naïve.
  • I say automatically because some of the youth are actually pretty freaking stupid, you gotta admit.
  • It's almost painful to witness some of them make all the poor decisions in their lives.
  • But, that's what I mean. Some of those dumbass kids...stay dumbass kids, for the rest of their lives.
  • They just happen to grow older and have more freedom to be dumbasses in the adult world. Some people grow old,
  • But they never grow up.
  • But, aside from those people, when you think about it, in the long run the following generations will always be smarter than the previous.
  • Or, they should be anyway, because they have more information available for them to learn at a younger age
  • Every time something new happens in the world, whether it's a historical event or a technological advancement, it's collected into the cumulative knowledge
  • That's been existing and will continue to exist from now and forever. The only reason
  • This is true is because people... die. If people were immortal then we'd have our whole lives to expand our intelligence
  • But we're not. We live, we pass on what we know to the next generation
  • Then we die, and hope the people we leave behind are able to deal with the problems
  • We caused and weren't able to solve. The fact that the human species have made it this far is simply amazing.
  • So when can you feel old?
  • Is it anytime? Is it different per person depending on the consequences of their lives and the
  • environmental factors that affected their upbringing?
  • I think it's when you become the oldest that you yourself can ever be.
  • So...like, right before you die, then?
  • Yeah, I guess so.
  • Damn...that's poetic.
  • Or just morbid...
  • True.
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