Old Shanghai Brasov | Chinese Restaurant Review

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Dec 01, 2018


Old Shanghai Brasov | Chinese Restaurant Review
Old Shanghai Brasov | Chinese Restaurant Review thumb Old Shanghai Brasov | Chinese Restaurant Review thumb Old Shanghai Brasov | Chinese Restaurant Review thumb


  • Hello!
  • Hey guys!
  • Welcome back!
  • So, we are in Brasov and we are now a bit resting in nature, breathing some fresh air
  • and we checked some nice restaurant around and we decided on some Chinese restaurant
  • called Old Shanghai restaurant Yeah, it's 4.2 star restaurant
  • Well, I don't know about that but we are also gonna try that one.
  • We tried Chinese restaurant from Targoviste and now we are gonna see this one.
  • We really got support from you guys in our last review video so we thought to make one
  • more review video of Chinese restaurant in Brasov.
  • Brasov is a way far city than Targoviste so you can't really travel to eat here from Targoviste.
  • yeah. you can't just come here to eat here or something like that but it's nice you come
  • here to also see a bit of historical places and just to have fun.
  • Yeah.
  • So, I am so excited for the food.
  • I am curious to try new things and I hope we will enjoy it.
  • Let's see what they got there.
  • Ok guys, so I don't know if you can hear me because I am shameful to talk more loud than this
  • We are now in the restaurant and we finally ordered our food.
  • The restaurant looks very nice.
  • now we are gonna wait and see how the food is.
  • Hi guys!
  • Hello again!
  • So as you can see, we are in our room now.
  • Back from restaurant Shanghai.
  • Yes and it was a very nice experience, I would say.
  • What do you think?
  • It was really nice.
  • I enjoyed it, it was different experience I would say.
  • I am gonna list down every thing we did one by one so that I can tell you how did I feel
  • about each and every dish.
  • So first we started with uh, I started with uh..
  • I wanted to take Cappuccino but the waiter there suggested that it's not foamy so he
  • suggested we take, I take Espresso, long espresso so I took long espresso with milk and sugar
  • and she tried the Chinese tea.
  • Yeah, the Chinese tea was really, was really nice.
  • It was Jasmine flavor.
  • Yeah and it was like the actual plant there.
  • It wasn't like a tea bag or something.
  • It was something fresh.
  • Very nice.
  • It was nice.
  • I also drank Jasmine tea before in a restaurant but it was made from the tea bag but I tasted
  • from hers and it was totally different taste.
  • I mean it was more tasty more smell, more good aroma, more flavorish.
  • More flavorish, that's the word.
  • Good job!
  • Ok now let's get to the menu.
  • So I ordered rice, Chinese rice with Chinese sauce.
  • I mean a rice which is made with Chinese sauce.
  • It's called Chinese rice and I ordered noodles, fried noodles.
  • She ordered sour soup.
  • A spicy sour soup.
  • Spicy sour soup and noodles, rice noodles of course, her favorite
  • and what else?
  • Steamed dumplings.
  • Steamed dumplings and for the desert we had Banana with coconut and red beans.
  • So that first thing they took, I mean they brought us was Sour soup so you tell me how
  • was your soup.
  • Uh, I mean, for the beginning it was extremely hot so I took a lot of time to be able to
  • actually eat it.
  • After that it was really really spicy actually.
  • It had a kick and I actually really enjoyed it.
  • I also tasted from the same soup and I mean she couldn't finish it.
  • I couldn't finish it.
  • She only finished half and rest half I finished and it was like, I couldn't take it without
  • water.
  • I mean to be honest it was spicy sour soup so it's
  • supposed to be spicy but it was really spicy.
  • I liked it.
  • It was a good taste.
  • It was good for starter.
  • Second in menu came my rice and in face of the soup, the rice was not spicy.
  • It wasn't spicy at all actually, the rice.
  • Yeah, I think it wasn't spicy at all and the rice was not having anything.
  • It was like simple rice with Chinese sauce as they said in the menu.
  • And it was of brown color, it was nice taste.
  • She could feel the..
  • Myself I really liked it.
  • I, myself, I liked it a lot that rice.
  • I mean I am not saying that I didn't like it.
  • I also liked it.
  • The Yang zhou rice, I think I should have tried that because it was having more things
  • in it, like peas, other vegetables.
  • Uh actually, this rice was also having corn.
  • It was also having peas if I remember correct.
  • And peas I guess yeah, I don't know why I remember It so simple.
  • So to conclude the rice was a not spicy but it was having flavor and it was nice addition
  • to the main course.
  • The next your noodles.
  • It's your turn.
  • My noodles, rice noodles of course.
  • Rice noodles.
  • My noodles were, they were really tasty.
  • I liked the fact that I could feel them healthy and they were like having vegetables in it
  • and I really liked that touch.
  • I am getting hungry now.
  • Ok, I also ordered noodles.
  • It was fried noodles and they were like not rice noodles.
  • It was noodles noodles.
  • And they were like thick noodles.
  • You could easily mix it with long pieces of carrots I guess
  • and it was nice and beneath the noodles, I realized that there was a lot of sauce there.
  • I tried to kind of, I felt like I mean.
  • I felt like the spices on the noodles were not getting sticked on the noodles because
  • it was so juicy that it was
  • It was having mushrooms in it so I believe that's why it was having so much sauce.
  • Just to say I also tried his noodles but I will have to say that those were not on my
  • taste and I really preferred the rice ones.
  • Those were like so thin, I also, one more thing.
  • The taste is kind of same I mean.
  • It's very similar taste between these, the noodles which he took and the noodles which
  • I took, it's just a matter of texture here.
  • And I really like my noodles because they are like softer, thinner, they just, that's
  • what matters and that was really important.
  • I think we both are lover of thin noodles and the thinner the better so I mean I like
  • the noodles which are normal shape but those are specifically a bit thicker than normal
  • noodles so the taste was good, the taste was really good
  • and of course I didn't eat the sauce which was getting collected beneath it
  • I, myself, also ate the sauce.
  • I used to like stir it time to time and get it all up.
  • Of course, that I also tried to do it.
  • And people who like thick noodles, they would love it.
  • Ok so next in list, dumplings!
  • I think that's what we need to talk about now.
  • We forgot to order them at the first hand and when we were half way of our main course,
  • we ordered them because we said Oh my God, we gotta try dumplings,
  • right?
  • So he said that it will take like 30 minutes because I think they make it fresh and yeah
  • tell me how it was?
  • So, first of all when they first brought it, I was like so happy seeing it.
  • They brought it in like this special kind of uh cooking device I mean they actually
  • cook it in that.
  • Yeah, I know.
  • I saw on net, on pictures, i don't know now.
  • And, they are like, they were like this big and they looked like so full and fatty and good and tasty.
  • So, now you say first how you thought they are.
  • So they were bigger than the dumplings we tasted in past and they were having a special
  • ingredient in it.
  • I think it was coriander but I am not sure what it was.
  • But it was having a very strong scent and I liked it and uh
  • it might be a bit disturbing for people who don't like that ingredient but
  • I myself liked it and they were soft, they were big and they were very soft like
  • they were very soft and they came with this sauce
  • It was mostly chilly so I did not really use it.
  • I used it in the first bite but then after that I just ate them without any sauce.
  • The sauce I didn't really like, I mean I just tasted but the dumpling itself was just too
  • too good to have it with any sauce.
  • I just wanted to have the taste of the dumpling myself.
  • Yeah, you could eat it without any sauce.
  • Yeah and I really liked that ingredient as well.
  • At the first, it's kind of unexpected but after that I liked it, I miss it actually.
  • Yeah, it was really nice.
  • So what's next?
  • Desert!
  • Yes!
  • Banana with coco and some red beans?
  • It was not with coco, it was with coconut and with red beans' cream.
  • Now, let me tell you about this desert.
  • It was amazing like I am a fan of sweet things.
  • So, I really loved it, I loved the combination, they also had a cream milk and you would like,
  • dip it in the cream and you would eat it and it was like just amazing.
  • I personally think that all the Chinese desert, maybe not all of them but most of them.
  • We only tasted two.
  • We only tasted two till now and both of them come with that cream which we really really really like it.
  • It' like condensed milk and it's really tasty.
  • I was really curious to taste also because I had no idea how they can
  • combine banana with coconut It works well.
  • It really goes well.
  • Uh, I myself, I am not very big fan of coconut so
  • You don't, you are not a very big fan of banana either to be honest.
  • Yeah so, well I did taste and it was nice.
  • It was really nice.
  • So the desert really get 10 out of 10 for sure
  • and the dumplings too.
  • The decoration of the restaurant was really nice, it was really nice.
  • I actually caught few expressions from the walls, from the dish in which they served,
  • from the cup in which they served something and in the welcome mat.
  • I am pretty sure, on the welcome mat, it's written welcome.
  • Now that I think about it.
  • But hey I am gonna put all those pictures, right now
  • so here are these, and please if anyone is seeing it, anyone who knows Chinese
  • I would love, you guys if you could put the meaning of it in the comment box, down below.
  • I am really curious to know what does that mean.
  • Yeah me too.
  • One more thing I would like to add, uh in the end when we were done with the food and
  • we wanted the bill.
  • So, we pressed the Bill button and usually what it happens that just waiter comes and
  • asks and gives you the bill.
  • This time a siren went off and the whole restaurant was like in the emergency mode or something.
  • It wasn't like a siren, it was more like a bell like ting ding ding ding ding
  • but it was everywhere in the restaurant and everyone could hear it.
  • Yeah, it was like uh, it's not a drill and then waiter just came and asked how would
  • we like to pay, by cash or with card so that things went normal.
  • So that's it, we really enjoyed our time at the restaurant and we found it worth it and
  • uh we hope you enjoyed our video!.
  • If you did then please subscribe and please ON that notification bell so that you can
  • get notified everytime we upload a new video.
  • Also thumbs up, thumbs up.
  • Thank you guys for watching.
  • Bye!

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We visited Old Shanghai Restaurant in Brasov. It is one of the best Chinese restaurant in town. We have tried to explain the texture, taste, spice and more in our video to give you an idea about the food here. The decoration of the restaurant is really tremendous and gives the feel of being in China. Something funny happened when we asked for bill in last. We hope you find it useful and enjoy it. Please leave in comment box below the meaning of the words we have asked. They were in Chinese and we are curious to know what they meant and if they really are some characters in fact.
Thank you all so so much for watching our videos. We hope it will help you guys to decide weather it is a good choice or not to have a dinner date there. Also, even if you are not from Romania, please let us know how did we do in our restaurant review. We have put the address and facebook page of the restaurant in the description down below. It is a 4.2 star restaurant!

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Address of the restaurant: Strada Mureșenilor 11-13, Brașov 500026, Romania

Old Shanghai Restaurant Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oldshanghaibrasov/

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