Old School RuneScape GODSWORD in real life!

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Old School RuneScape GODSWORD in real life!
Old School RuneScape GODSWORD in real life! thumb Old School RuneScape GODSWORD in real life! thumb Old School RuneScape GODSWORD in real life! thumb


  • Hey guys I'm really excited about today's Make it Real project
  • we're recreating the Armadyl Godsword from one of my favorite childhood games
  • Runescape. Even better this project is actually sponsored by Jagex, the creators of Runescape
  • They've just re-released the classic old school runescape game on
  • mobile in all its original glory. If you've never heard of runescape before
  • it was one of the original and one of the biggest MMORPGs around and I used to
  • play it when I was like 12 years old or something. You could level up your
  • character and focus on different skills I used to collect resources and
  • blacksmith weapons to sell in the market to other players. Other players would
  • hone their battle skills and compete in the PvP areas. It's such a nostalgic rush
  • to play it again on mobile wherever you want. Plus with updates every week
  • there's always something new and if you wanna play in hardcore mode you can
  • become an Iron Man where you play the game completely solo no trading with
  • other players or teaming up to defeat monsters. They even have an eSports event
  • hosted quarterly called Deadman mode, where the top 2,000 players duke it out
  • to see who comes out on top. Use my links in the description below to play for free
  • Now the Armadyl Godsword is one of the most iconic weapons which is why
  • we chose to make it and better yet we're actually gonna be making a miniature
  • version to give away to one of you guys. Stick around to the end of the video for
  • more information on the giveaway. Like all projects we're going to start with a
  • quick design on the computer. Come with me.
  • Alright so we've already got the
  • picture in Photoshop and we're gonna use this to actually trace the outline for
  • the CAD model and to do that I'm just gonna rotate a little bit
  • Alright so now I can bring the image into SolidWorks and I'll create my first
  • draft so you can actually add in a picture to the SolidWorks model. Now this
  • is a really big sword so I think I'm gonna scale it to be about five feet long
  • 5 x 12 x 20.4 millimeters per inch
  • 1.524 meters. And now we can start sketching
  • Alright
  • so now we can select all that and we do a mirror and boom
  • we have the basic outline of the
  • sword. Looks pretty cool though right? Alright so we're actually gonna build this
  • in two halves so we're gonna make the blade as one part and then we're gonna
  • make the hilt as a second part so I'm actually gonna break this part into two
  • right now
  • Alright now we have the blade by itself and then we also have the handle
  • by itself so actually I make another layer of steel on I think both pieces actually
  • Alright so to stiffen up the blade we're actually using two pieces
  • and we're gonna weld in the gap and then grind it smooth
  • 2 hours later
  • Alright so I've got the handle all modeled now as well as the blade and together
  • It looks pretty cool. Now we just have to export the outlines of these to DXF format
  • which will then allow us to use a plasma cutter to cut out the outline
  • then it's gonna be a whole lot of welding
  • alright now that we have all the DXFs
  • its type of plasma cut
  • Alright so we're gonna be using one-eighth steel to
  • build up multiple layers to create the actual sword let's go grab it
  • okay!
  • Look at all that material usage
  • You're a genius
  • There we go! That should all fit now
  • that is frickin colossal man!
  • That is the blade!
  • It's as if you made it to scale or something
  • I'm 5 foot 11!
  • Alright we're livestreaming the grinding party
  • Things go so much faster as a team
  • What?!
  • Huh?!
  • This is gonna be insane!
  • You wanted it blue James? It's blue
  • Alright now that Bogdan's done with the handle let's start the blade
  • My turn to weld
  • get out of here! Shoo
  • Alright now there's the other side
  • and the other other side
  • and the other other side
  • Alright so we got the first bead done across the sword but since
  • we want to actually give an edge the blade here we're actually going to double up the bead so we can actually put a nice big chamfer across the whole edge
  • so we've got three beads along the edge now and we should be able to grind that down into a nice sharp edge
  • alright now we're going to let that cool down for a bit
  • And then we'll attach the other piece of the sword
  • Alright now that we've sandblasted the lower part of the blade
  • we're actually gonna heat up the blade and then heat treat it so it's actually
  • going to hold an edge
  • So, to Stan's forge
  • Can you go grab charcoal from inside
  • yeah
  • So ergonomically friendly
  • Alright so the blade is red hot
  • which means it's time to pull it out and quench it in water
  • It would be better to quench it in oil
  • but we don't have that much oil so we're going to use water
  • It's pretty sharp and we haven't even sharpened it yet
  • That's a good sign
  • That's pretty sharp
  • Godsword
  • let's just give the blade a little polish before we shapen it
  • Where'd the grinder go?
  • 120 grit
  • Nice clean cut
  • Bring me my magic oil Ian
  • Alright so we finished the handle of the Godsword
  • and the blade so now it's time to attach the 2 together
  • Now we might not have thought this all the way through because when we welded it
  • I think it actually pinched down a bit
  • There we go
  • Almost there
  • You're in
  • We might not even have to weld it
  • Gotta ave that blue swipe
  • Comes up to my mouth
  • For Hacksmith standards this is actually pretty light
  • definitely not a one-handed weapon though
  • I wanna hit some stuff
  • You could like ice pick someones head
  • How much you think this is worth?
  • 100 million gold pieces?
  • But I can grab you
  • Oh but he can stab you
  • Alright let's see what this thing can do
  • Oh something cracked in my arm
  • That cut it pretty nicely
  • watermelon get your watermelon!
  • It is important to eat the blood of your enemies
  • Alright what's my next victim?
  • Owen?
  • let's try the log
  • I'm just curious
  • Well color me impressed
  • that worked really well
  • that was pretty awesome
  • this is awkward
  • Godsword!
  • To be or not to be
  • Okay so if you guys haven't checked out old school Runescape on mobile yet it's
  • completely free to play and there's a link in the description below and playing it
  • will actually help this channel and ensure we're able to make awesome
  • projects like this one. Now the creators of Runescape Jagex
  • asked me to recreate the combo move that you do with the Armadyl Godsword but
  • I don't think they realized that the sword would weigh about 50 pounds making
  • this combo rather difficult so I'm gonna do my best to try and learn how to do
  • this combo swing let's put up on screen right here to see what we have to do
  • so it's kind of like an under swing and then a twirl in the air so before I try
  • it with a sword I'm going to do use something a bit lighter
  • So it's kind of it's a one-handed move/ So it's something like
  • I think
  • And that's how you blow out a shoulder
  • okay
  • oh my god
  • Alright I'm gonna use two hands
  • Now swing
  • yeah
  • That was pretty close
  • Kid of
  • Are you guys happy Jagex
  • well we hope you guys enjoyed the video. It was awesome revisiting one of my
  • favorite childhood games to recreate the Godsword from Runescape. If you guys
  • want to win a miniature version of the Godsword then you can enter our
  • giveaway all you have to do is playing runescape on mobile using my link in the
  • description below then to enter the contest simply follow us on social at
  • the Hacksmith and post a screenshot of you playing runescape on your social
  • media with the hashtag #HacksmithOSRS then we'll do a random draw at the end
  • of the month. Good luck! Full contest details are in the description below

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