Offspring follows Nina’s quest to manage the intensity of her job along with the challenges of raising her daughter and managing her love life.

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love love love this show!
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I MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!!! I’ve literally watched all seasons and episodes more than 4x!!! I miss you all!!!!!
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I think I’ve watched Offspring on Netflix at least six times. Love, love, love the show’s musical arrangements. They are so touching and scene-appropriate. Would love another season of this delightful program. ❤❤
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Love this show..I am addicted to the Proudman's!
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Netflix binge. Fun show.
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I couldn’t stop watching this show! I want more of the Proudmans! Bring back Offspring! Please, its like a drug and Im hopelessly addicted.
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I love, love, love this show, these characters, this family, they are real and lovable and I am hooked on them. Than you for coming into my home and entertaining me with your charming, witty and unpredictable lives.♥♥
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Is there going to be a season 8
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I recently discovered this INCREDIBLE show on Netflix and immediately became hooked. I just watched the death of Patrick/birth of his and Nina's daughter. I am not one to react to TV shows but I have to say I was moved beyond words!!! I admit, without guilt, that I have spent many weekend hours in the company of the Proudman family :-)
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I just started watching on Netflix. Im on season 5..I can't stop crying.
I love this show.
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