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★ Salut Youtube ★ Ça va? Thanks for stopping by! I’m Rosie, a New Zealander living as an Expat in France: conqueror of French administration, culture-shock junkie and (very) slowly learning how to hack life in France.

I’m here to share stories, tips and insights on life in Paris and navigating the French culture. I also love to make videos about New Zealand, Travel, Language Learning, Cross-Cultural relationships and other feel-good topics.

Being an expat in Paris is never easy but I studied here, hustled hard, got those visas, married a Frenchman, and lo and behold I'm still here 5 years later working for a French multinational in Paris (#CorporateLife).

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09:27 8 Surprisingly CHEAP things in France!
113K+ views | Nov 28, 2018