Nigerian VS American Makeup | Jackie Aina

Nov 05, 2019


Nigerian VS American Makeup | Jackie Aina
Nigerian VS American Makeup | Jackie Aina thumb Nigerian VS American Makeup | Jackie Aina thumb Nigerian VS American Makeup | Jackie Aina thumb

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Hey boos! I was inspired by the trend of comparing American makeup to makeup in other cultures. In today's video that country is Nigeria! Nigeria Vs. American makeup! How do you think I did? What do you think are the major differences between makeup in Nigeria and makeup in the United States? Which side do YOU prefer? Sound off in the comments!

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nigerian instagrammers and youtubers:
Dimma Umeh http://bit.ly/34sfWkf
Joy Adenuga http://bit.ly/2NeuZbm
Theodora Michael http://bit.ly/36Cg02W

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