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Nick Zammeti

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Hello and welcome to my funkiness... 😉

My name is Nick Zammeti and I make funky hand crafted art from wood, resin and sometimes metal. Basically I like to mix things up!

My aim is to inspire others to create and make stuff. I also like to try to entertain with my weirdness 🤣.

So please come and subscribe to my channel and hang out with us. You will love it.... 🎺

I release a project video every Friday morning and sometimes I do updates on my other projects on Wednesdays. We call them 'Waffle Wednesdays'. 😊

Also if your staying around don't forget to hit the Notification BELL in the top right hand corner so you get notified of when my videos get released.

Hope to see you soon. Much love x

PS: - I have a vlogging channel also ....


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