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The FIVE BEST Special Teams scores from Week 7!

Best Special Teams Scores From Week 7

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FIVE DAYS until the inaugural TE appreciation day! #NationalTightEndsDay

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Jory LaFountain
Angel Martinez
Justin Morris
Ken Clark
Dorian Halteman

The San Francisco 49ers have traded third- and fourth-round picks to the Denver Broncos for WR Emmanuel Sanders and a fifth-rounder.

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Shane Danbert
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Need an upgrade?

The 10 BEST NFL Fantasy waiver wire pickups for Week 8!

10 Best Fantasy Waiver-Wire Adds in Week 8

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William Sebastian Grimaldi III
Todd Henson
Greg Eisenhunt
Richie Lee
Jack Hall
Pizza + Football. Nothing better.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Conner and Ryan Switzer threw a pizza party during last night's Monday Night Football game!
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Jeremy Nelson
Joshua Watson
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Anthony Zamora
Shawn Cothran
Whenever Terrell Owens took the field... or a microphone.
Four words always applied: "GET YOUR POPCORN READY!"

: #NFL100 Greatest Series continues FRIDAY at 8pm ET on NFL Network

#NFL100 Greatest Characters: No. 16 Terrell Owens

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Steven D Horn
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David Russell
Daudi Kawooya
Shele Schell
1. New England Patriots 2. New Orleans Saints 3. San Francisco 49ers 4. Green Bay Packers 5. Minnesota Vikings 6-32: (by Energizer)

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8:

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Jason Hennemann
Tobey Brown
Marco Vargas
John Nix
Lauren Corbelli
2019 Division Leaders through Week 7!

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Jeffrey Dean Merck
Jacob Hodges
Brent Givens
Ivie Beller-Schuster
Fernando Camacho
Amari Cooper's route-running ability:

Amari Cooper's Incredible Route-Running

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Jeremiah Griffin
Alex Dagostim
Matthew Luebke
Mike Stevens
Darrell Hinkle
Dalvin Cook whipped up another impressive day for the Minnesota Vikings!

‍ 26 touches
‍ 149 total yards
‍ 2 touchdowns

Week 7: Dalvin Cook Highlights

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Jamie Blaine Duque
Fabrice Bacquart
Seth Vasquez
Khalid N Ho'olaila
Joe Lecuyer