NFL Most Savage Celebrations

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NFL Most Savage Celebrations
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  • Again Seahawks playing without Sidney Rice who introduced me in the first half
  • Wilson on the fake
  • going downfield for Golden Tate great in the air
  • It's Tate who took it from Jenkins taunting on his way to the endzone Flag is down as he scores the touchdown
  • Janoris Jenkins can't believe
  • that he didn't intercept that pass it's a great play by Tate, but just finish the play get on with the game
  • To deep zone and tate releases to the outside of Jenoris Jenkins who has great ball skills dismiss judgment I
  • Have no idea what Golden Tate is doing there
  • obviously there's been conversation going on throughout the night an 80 yard score the Taunting flag will not erase the score
  • unsportsmanlike toss on offense number 81
  • Will be a 15-yard final enforced on the kickoff the rankings are not inside field goal range for Mortin anderson
  • moss, Randy Moss is in
  • For a touchdown
  • And Randy Moss without even really big
  • That is a
  • Disgusting act by Randy Moss, and it's unfortunate that we had that on our air live that is disgusting by Randy
  • Moss Jacobs is the tailback Jacobs gets it and
  • scores touchdown Giants
  • Jakob's fires the football into the play clock as the Giants now jump out in front
  • Garcia off the plate back rolling right has the touchdown Terrell Owens
  • Right to the center of the stadium right to the Dallas Cowboys logo he looks
  • skyward
  • through the opening of the roof
  • Spellman I think was how they got there run defense
  • Touchdown
  • Owens again. Heading for midfield
  • There he goes, and he's there's going to be a penalty on George T. Because he's going to clock him
  • Now teams going to be kicked out of the game
  • Owens in motion and once again Roman
  • What a great route
  • There's his popcorn from the 9 yard line first down
  • Vick back to pass and that is caught by Jackson
  • along the sideline and Jackson
  • down the middle of the field
  • Being chased inside the 20 inside the 10
  • into the end zone backwards for the touchdown
  • Wow
  • The Washington Redskins will tell you that there was no way to catch him once he gets out there
  • Scandrick the last guy with a chance. You know it's an interesting call because they had to rule that he had crossed that line
  • Before he fell in you're always allowed to dive into the end zone right so unless his foot hit that ground
  • I don't know that that should have been excessive celebration you're allowed
  • To dive into the end zone
  • Scores a touchdown against, Minnesota
  • Something to do with the Vikings party on two boats on Lake Minnetonka bow down his head
  • The dance of Ray Lewis oh boy Spiller is a setback
  • Short set Fitzpatrick fires
  • touchdown
  • Johnson over at the middle and he beat her well Revis. He continues to go at Revis
  • That's a five-yard touchdown play
  • It was a kind of joke in other words you were making fun of the situation. I mean, what was now just
  • Having fun. I say just having fun and
  • Part of having fun. End up being at a penalty and now for the Jays
  • Staff installers has complete the Golden Tate. There was a first down and dives
  • to the episode for a wives touchdown
  • As hell brings Miles Austin tight to the formation
  • Not gettin away from Kerrigan and Ryan brings him down for the sacks at a loss of eight and
  • They give Manziel t Menzel treatment
  • with the hand gestures

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