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I’m SO elated as I just got the green light to open the studio again!!! Too early to open a bottle of champagne before lunch time?! or IS it??! Lol. My Wednesday is already shaping up to be a great day!! Hope everyone will have an amazing day too
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Bella Eleftherio
How's my lovelies??!! It's been a long few months not allowed doing shoots! But now with reopening insight who is excited??!! I'm elated!!!

I can't wait to go back cuddling some babies!!
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Just had a last minute opening for my Abu Dhabi workshop on the 16th of March! Will be at a discounted price too! Get in touch quick for details!!
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A splash of sunshine <3
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I can never get over with the simplicity that cream brings
headband LELAS PROPS
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That sweet smile <3

Floor Rozzi Rayne Studio Props
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USA workshop dates!!!

Wilmington NC - June 3

New York City - June 5

Rhode Island - June 7

Houston - June 10

Message me for details <3
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Baby Aurora <3 Perfect little thing!

Headband and pillow LELAS PROPS
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Newborn + Maternity workshop with me and Glow Portraits

31st May, Miami beach!

Who's joining us??!! It is going to be EPIC!!

Message for details!!
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Join me and Alli from Glow Portraits for this epic workshop covering both newborn and maternity! Only 4 locations!! Message me for details!!
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