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Your FIVE biggest songs of the week on 89X!

Stay safe. Be healthy. Rock on!-Nate

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Nate's Unnecessary Quarantine Food Masterclass: Beef Ravioli
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Working from home can have its challenges. However, Chris (who has no kids) loves to throw stones and blame it on 'bad parenting'. How have you found working from home? Easier or more difficult?

The Morning X with Mark & Chris

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Coming up! Head over to our Instagram page to be a part of our Live Interview.

The Morning X with Mark & Chris

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New Rock 89X posted on Mar 27, 2020

The Morning X with Mark & Chris

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We've got some live interviews lined up for you tomorrow! Tune in on our Instagram @theofficial89x as we chat with Ben from Asking Alexandria and Dustin from Starset.
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Being confined in the same place with the same person can take it's toll on you. Especially if you're getting a little thirsty. Nathan Carr On-Air

Dooms Days of Our Lives - Beer

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9 cans of ravioli sounds like a challenge to me! -Nate

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Bored: Nate's going through his wife's absurd collection of DVDs. How many of you seen?

The Quarantine Life - Too Many DVDs

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Head over to our Instagram at 3pm to be a part of our live interview with Shane Told from Silverstein! If you've got a question for Shane be sure to post it in the live chat.
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