NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21

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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21
NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21 thumb NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21 thumb NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21 thumb


  • Two days ago, I had this nice simple life. I know it's a nightmare
  • Stop
  • Who are you?
  • My name is Sarah Connor never seen one like you before almost human I
  • Am human
  • Well, you care what happens to her because I was her
  • Now do we win we win by keeping you alive
  • Blue-blue
  • Karate is a way of communicating ask me a question. What are your plans for the weekend?
  • I'm going to do some grocery shopping then rent a film to watch in the comfort of my own. Oh
  • Did that answer your question I
  • Want you to tell me why you're here
  • I'm afraid I'm afraid of the dark
  • I'm afraid of other men. I want to be what intimidates me
  • You came to the right place
  • I'm taking my first class today your new white belts. Is that the first built color white is before color? You haven't earned color yet
  • Today's lesson to kick with your fists and punch with your feet that makes perfect sense
  • Good
  • There's a mental component as well. Everything should be as masculine as possible
  • We may want to start on those reports that pile is getting awfully high. Oh, I
  • Won't be petting you anymore. This is for your own good
  • What's your favorite style of music adult contemporary? No should be metal
  • You're a blade and I'm sharpening you I see a little myself in you thank you says it
  • Why are you filming this this isn't a safe place Casey I
  • Know you're confused about what's happening. You have to trust me
  • We should have never started taking karate
  • You can't be weak anymore
  • I'm interested in buying a gun. I need something that can fit into my hand. Sounds like you're after a handgun
  • I challenge you to a fight to the death and unarmed combat
  • This is your belt it is yours and it's sacred. There'll be a sixteen dollar charge to replace a lost now
  • Sing a song one for me I
  • Wish I were
  • young
  • Yeah
  • We don't want no trouble
  • That's just the way isn't it?
  • You don't want trouble but sometimes trouble wants you
  • I sit you get me to the soldiers that came by this morning
  • It's too dangerous up north they kill us you sure you want to follow him
  • But here we'll turn em in
  • They close
  • What are you doing, I don't want no trouble I
  • Have said in my rock I sell my TV
  • Said my young P spinning me
  • You know what? It's like to have a white phone I take everything you have, don't you?
  • To buy my lover a sword Oh
  • What's your name again?
  • Claire
  • I'm not your boy. I'm an Ghana the Blackbird. Hi he wish I wish I wish
  • It babe
  • You white ones go fast fast fast
  • get Noah I
  • Go slow. I wish I had my love
  • Get look at the bird thought she was going to die out there in the forest
  • Suddently she was
  • What do you need your powers for now
  • Anyway to beat up a bunch of local kids put your feet up and enjoy your retirement
  • In this beautiful house with all your old friends
  • Didn't you used to have super breath that Akane Jane Leeves come
  • Here at done man, we want you to have as much freedom as possible
  • We recognize that your powers are part of who you are
  • but when those powers create an unsafe environment for the other residents
  • It is a concern on a happier note Hiro Day is coming around again
  • Jesus that's it. This is Hiro day. This is just a regional one the big ones in New York. Are you famous?
  • Sure, I am and how come I haven't heard of you? I love you. Can I get your autograph for sure?
  • Just shoot me now
  • Carrie how are you man? I saw something strange in Kerry's room. There's something going on here
  • This is a simple task designed to gauge your level of control over your ability
  • To have an asprin Miranti, you're not only dominantly managing people's powers you're absorbing them
  • Breaking out. So we're bringing the plan for 20 tonight. It's pure peritoneum for any superhero
  • Superhero it's time to wake up and smell the justice
  • Bore me to death with one of your anecdotes
  • Oh true bear arms down trousers up permit you
  • Like sunny 16 no we call that the wedge
  • You know it is this game baseball this guy was made yourself sign to the eggs you were Yankee almost I
  • Made the biggest mistake of my life that night
  • So, do you have a plan
  • Maybe something in management, really you barely have a high school diploma
  • Okay still coach him. You add this stuff to be one of the great
  • Yeah, but I'm not
  • Says you've been back home. It's a couple weeks just
  • Want you know, I'm sorry. Yeah
  • Wasn't they're not gonna want to see you anymore this morning's you move on
  • It's gonna take a while people get used to you back. I
  • Want you to meet that kid?
  • Certainly doesn't lack confidence
  • You can learn a lot from sooner. You want you two to get to know each other?
  • Step off your next superstar. Let's see what you got hotshot
  • What would you say if I got you a spot on the team and say you were crazy
  • I think you still got the goods. I
  • Think it's great
  • Baseball is who you are
  • so we've always where
  • Yes in the scouts to see you how many people don't want to see me in a Yankee uniform?
  • Nice how things are falling back into place for you? But just don't trust myself either trust your instinct believing yourself
  • It's like a one-of-a-kind story
  • Like baseball history second chances are hard to come by be grateful you get
  • The straw no-hitter against this this might be don't let it end this way then I'll grab a back
  • Even like baseball. No, I like soccer. You know that
  • What are you doing, so what could have seen you you loved the punishment for breaking the rules?
  • Open the door. You almost got us killed
  • We have to stay hidden
  • Seal what this is not a game. Did you go outside No, did you never lie to me? I'm not lying
  • Want to know what's in an ice cream truck frozen kid bodies
  • Tummy-side does any flavor you want?
  • You use the term freaks
  • Any freaks who are running loose are elite and you better get away from my house
  • You
  • You

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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #21

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