Never Go to This Gas Station

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Never Go to This Gas Station
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  • rev up your engines, today I'm gonna talk about the worst gas stations in the
  • United States and how you can avoid them, cars burn gasoline you're always going
  • to the gas station to fill them back up, you want to have a good experience, you
  • don't want to get crappy gas, you want your car to run right so what
  • should you do, well I know a little bit about gas stations that's where I started
  • my father ran a corner Texaco station and I started working there when I was
  • 14, to begin with realized that most gas stations they have a very similar
  • gasoline that they're selling, the raw gasoline is created at a petroleum
  • refinery factory ,then they go to like these three million gallon places, each
  • individual manufacturer then takes out what they want and puts in their own
  • additive package, so it realize the base gasoline in most stations is exactly the
  • same as all the other ones around you the only difference is the additive
  • package that they stick in, and unfortunately for the consumer none of
  • them ever tell you exactly what these additive packages are, my father
  • hey he ran a gas station but he was more of an intellectual he liked playing
  • contract bridge, but I asked him once I said, hey you know what's in this
  • gasoline you're selling, he says hey I have no idea what's in it I'm just in
  • the middle of man, he wasn't even interested what was it in, I've tried to
  • find out exactly what these additives are nobody will tell you, now years ago
  • that decent fuel injection cleaner Chevron techron used to tell you how
  • much additives PEA, that's the main cleaner was in the can, years ago they
  • even stopped telling you that, and I asked a guy once how come you guys don't
  • show that anymore what the percentage of cleaner is, an executive at Chevron just
  • said, Oh Scotty you know we don't want to get in an additive war where all the
  • companies say well we contain 3%, I know we contain 4% so they don't even tell
  • you how much is in it so you really have no idea, the only thing you can really be
  • sure of is that almost all the gasoline is the United States contains 10%
  • ethanol as an octane booster, now there are some out there that don't contain
  • any ethanol that costs a lot more and some guys with old cars swear by it, but
  • for the average drivers out there you're gonna get 10% ethanol inside your gas, now
  • when I was young mechanic they added lead to the gasoline to raise
  • the octane, but of course that kills people over time your breathing that
  • stuff in as it burns out, so then they came out with another additive but turns
  • out that causes cancer and a lot of it was leaching out of tanks they had a big
  • suit in California, so then they switched to ethanol to use ethanol as a booster
  • and to make all those farmers in the Midwest happy that now they could do
  • something with all that corn that they grow besides sticking it in storage silos
  • Plus then it didn't matter to the farmers how crappy the corn tasted because no
  • one was eating, it they were just turning into ethanol to blend with the gasoline
  • now the problem with ethanol is if you have too much it can make a normal
  • car start to run poor and corrode stuff, now there are inspections for this but
  • each state in the United States has individual rules for them, this is an
  • ethanol testing kit you can get one of these things for like six seven bucks on
  • Amazon you can actually test how much ethanol is in the gas that you buy, the
  • states are supposed to do that but some are real stringent some aren't, so if
  • you're curious the next time you fill your car up, you might take a little
  • sample do this test see how much ethanol is in it and if it's more than 10% and
  • you're being cheated, not only can too much ethanol damage your car you get
  • worst gas mileage, ethanol contains about 20 percent less energy than gasoline so
  • let's say you ran on a hundred percent ethanol there are some cars that are set
  • up that way, you would get 20% worst gas mileage and that same vehicle then if
  • you used 100 percent gasoline, how do you choose which gas station to go, now that
  • I tell you that really the base gasoline is pretty much the same in all of them, now
  • I mean they do have that thing that's listed
  • top-tier stations that's kind of a game that they're playing between the
  • manufacturers and the manufacturers of gasoline, they've always been fighting back and
  • forth where the car makers say you can make gasoline really well so our cars
  • will run great, and then the gasoline manufacturers say hey you can make cars
  • that can run on any kind of gasoline that we make, their always battling back and
  • forth so they came up with this top tier idea that, oh here's the ones that have
  • better additives and lalala but they never tell you how much additives are in and
  • what type are in at all, they say oh well that's our copyright we don't want to
  • tell anybody, so here again you get stonewalled on you know who has the in
  • quote best gas, take places that are off-brand generally they buy there's
  • what's called the spot market of gasoline so a place like Kroger, that day
  • whoever's got the best price that's who they're gonna buy it from, so from day to
  • day, month to month, week to week you might be getting different gas at the
  • same pump, it's all the same base gasoline in these three million gallon
  • setups, each person each company puts their own additive package in, so it's
  • not like you're gonna get garbage at least here in the United States, one of
  • your main reasons to pick a gas station to go to is honestly, CBS did a report
  • here in Texas and found out that there were certain stations that we're doing
  • what's called pump jumping, this is why are the station's keep a little bit of
  • money on the pump before you start pumping, so you're paying for gas that
  • you're not getting pumped into your tank, 1 Texaco station Austin got caught doing
  • this 17 times, and here Houston their have been
  • stations that have been shown to have people putting those credit card readers
  • in the machines out at the island, so when they quick put your card in and out,
  • they're reading your card and stealing your credit card information, if you
  • found that your corner station has been reported for having these credit card
  • thefts or pump jumping, or any other type of scam, stay away from that station, now
  • when I was a young mechanic we had full service, even if I was working on a car I
  • had to get out, wash the customers windshield check his oil while I'm
  • pumping the gas, most of that full service is long gone unless you live in
  • a state like New Jersey or something where they don't let people pump their
  • own they, say it's for safety reasons it's something I find amazing, because
  • the rest of the country nobody seems to have problems pumping their own gas
  • and not blowing things up, but I guess in Jersey hey maybe they burnt down
  • places by starting fires, who knows but in Jersey they say you're not allowed to
  • pump your own gas, knowing the history of New Jersey I would put that you can't
  • pump your own gas in New Jersey more down to the overall corruption of the
  • state, the gas stations probably got some kind of a lobby where they want
  • to continue the pump it so they could charge higher prices who knows, round here
  • they're all self-serve, so if you go in it's called a convenience station for a
  • reason, you put your car in or you got your phone and you just beep, then you
  • pump your gas and when you're done, it;s supposed to give you a receipt, well if
  • that receipt doesn't work and it says oh come inside to see cashier, that kind of
  • negated the idea of the convenience station in the first place, so if you go
  • to one of those stations and all the time the printer doesn't work and you got
  • to go inside, go somewhere else my father would be rolling over in his grave, you take
  • care of the customers not just sit there and not even have a machine that works
  • right, the next thing to check on a station you don't want to go to is, check
  • the prices all the time just out of curiosity, because when I was a young
  • mechanic they were mechanical machines and when the price of gas changed, we had
  • to take the Machine apart, we had to get on our Allen wrenches, and we had to
  • reset the price per gallon manually on each pump, but today of course it's all
  • done electronically, and there have been cases depending on the hour whether it's
  • raining or not, they would change the price that they were selling gasoline,
  • and check the prices maybe get your phone out take pictures during the day
  • at a station near you, and see if the price has changed just like that
  • uber stuff where they have, oh well now the rates are higher cuz it's raining
  • outside, check that out if you see there's a station that does that stay
  • away from them, and here's something that I have seen in the past you might be
  • paying for a gallon of gasoline but let's say you're only getting ninety
  • percent of a gallon when it's being pumped out, cuz it's not metering it
  • right where the cylinders were supposed to be filled of 10 gallons of gasoline,
  • but they were only like nine and a quarter, so people cheat on that, they
  • always did in the past I knew that, once when I was a kid I went to one of these
  • discount stations this was a long time ago gas was selling at 29 cents a gallon,
  • so I brought out a measuring thing and I put exactly one gallon in and it was
  • only about 85% full they were really cheating that's probably why it was the
  • cheapest place in tow,n it's 29 cents a gallon but they were cheating you on it, so
  • if you ever find a station that was flagged for cheating like that stay
  • away from that, and if you're curious yourself, hey
  • get yourself a gallon jug maybe for a lawnmower you use it
  • later, put exactly 1.000 gallons in it and see if it's full or not, and if it
  • isn't you can contact your own state there's very few times they're tested,
  • even in the States the test, lucky if they show up once a year to test the
  • stuff, guys that run the place they pretty much know that, so now you know a little
  • bit more about gas stations and which gas station you should avoid at all costs, so
  • if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
  • ring that Bell

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